Friday, April 26, 2013

Took a day off...

First of all here is a snap shot of my darling daughters new hair cut. All grown up! Just decided to get a shot doo all the sudden this week. I think it's a great start to her new college life. Isn't she precious!!
I took a personal day today, have to take two per yr. My plans were to get up and hit all the tag sales!! Sounds like fun, well we are having a down pour all day long. I mean hard rain too. Woke up to no electricity. Taylor had to run to neighbors to blow dry her hair. I guess I will shower and clean house. This sucks!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Prom Pretties

 My beautiful daughter Taylor had attended her senior prom last night. Aren't they pretty together! this is her handsome boyfriend Matthew. This was actually taken after prom and they still look prefect!

 She does like the camera!
 We took pictures before prom in front of the fireplace. This is me stunning niece Brooke, along with Taylor.
 Boom Shells!!
 Ok, love this poise! Chelsea, the 20 yr old niece in the middle is in college now, poor thing, too old to attend a prom now, she is working herself through college and has a job. Poor poor thing, she's the one left behind tonight. LOL!
We love ya Chels!!