Monday, July 22, 2013

Repurposed Funnel

 Well I just love my new light fixture that literly just took minutes to get up. Don't you just love it. It looks so great at my kitchen window.
 I just had it laying out in the potting shed and thought this would make a great light fixture!!
 I have been looking at this recessed light convertion kit at Lowes and I bought one today, about $17. It literly took me just a few minutes to put it up.
 I also picked up 2 of these vintage edison light bulds at Lowes to put in the fixture.They were about $9 a pop but I love the vintage look. Mike just cut a hole in the top of the funnel and it is just the look I was after.
 This is a shelf I bought at a great little flea market on the way to Joplin that I hit this week with my mom. Its a great little peely shelf I picked up for $15. I have not found a spot for it yet but when I do I will post.
And my last picture is of the great soap dispincer I bought at a new shop that has opened in the last 2 wks. here in town. Julies Antique Flower factory. Its a great shop full of repurposed goodies. Julie is so talented. I just love this at my kitchen sink. Well I have been chalk painting my small bathroom cabniets this week I am going to apply the paste wax to it in the morning. I will post when I get that going!!


Earlene Landis said...

Love that light!!! Thanks for sharing and I want to make one now.
Enjoy your day

Kathleen Woodbury said...

Love your light! What a great idea, so much better than something new and shiny!

Kathleen Woodbury said...

Love your light! What a great idea, so much better than something new and shiny!

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

OH MY WORD!!!! This is so bizarre Dawn! I am friends with Matt's mom Paula, live less than a mile from them! Okay, this is so weird! I have a new follower to my blog, Melissa so I was looking at blogs she follows and I came across yours. I was looking through your posts and thought your daughter looked familiar but I knew there was no way I would know her. Then I saw the pictures of her and Matt and about flipped out! So I went to Paula's facebook and found a picture at his graduation with YOU and Taylor! Crazy small world that we live in, wow!

Anyway, I'm the newest follower to your blog and now I'm really looking forward to following it, lol! I love everything that you make and your home is wonderfully prim! I'm just getting into Annie Sloan chalk paint and already addicted, that stuff is amazing!

Oh, by the way... Paula won't know about my prim name. People around here aren't into prims at all so all my prim friends are out there on the internet, haha! My name is Angie Berry. I have separate facebooks for my prim and for family/friends.

This is still so weird, haha! Hope you have a wonderful week~

Kathy said...

I love this light. I have an old dairy strainer. Galvanized with a copper screen to strain the yuck out of the fresh milk. I was wondering how wide around is the pendant? Do you think I could use this to make myself a light?