Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pinterest Idea and a Graduation Party

 I have been holding off on a toilet paper holder until I found just the right thing and thanks to Pinterest I did. Who knew a few plumbing pipes and a few minutes could get ya this!!
 I love it!~~

 My bath towles are kept in here.
 Last weekend was my daughters graaduation from high school  and we had a party the day before to honor her. We has lots of family, good friends and good food!!

 Taylor and her boyfriend Matt, who had just graduated from college the week before!
 One of her best friends since grade school, Katria!!  They will always be close:)
 My beautful nieces Chelsea anad Brooke with Tay!
 For her party, I displayed some of her artwork from over the years on a table in the living room.

 This was the entery table with photos of her Neewollah 2012 crowning of Miss Fashion and some of her dance pictures.

 I had fun using my cricket I bought myself for Christmas. I made these banners!

 This table was in the living room and it displayed a couple of her school albums and some of her cheerleading pictures underneath her senior portrait.
She had a really fun time and we we appreciated all those that came!!

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