Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Snow

 Well even though we are coming off of spring break this morning and will return to finish out the school yr. in the morning, we have had a beautiful snowfall. We woke up to the trees covered in a powdery frosting.
 The old vintage chairs have a new wet cushion of snow. I love how the iron trim around the birdbath looks!
 The galvanized chicken feeder on the patio table has a snow white topper.
 No need to worry about that mower seeing any work today!
 I enjoy watching the squirrels use this old apple ladder to scamper up the tree. It would be a slick one today.

 This is a rain chain off my deck, this morning it is collecting crystal flakes.
 A chilly dream this would be this morning. I love how the snow is sticking to the old gate.
Well I am so ready for spring I can hardly stand it. And honestly didn't think we'd see snow again this season. But I am thankful I was able to be home inside my warm house to see it and not have to get out. The birds have enjoyed a bountiful tray of seed on the deck and the temps are already clearing the roads. So I will enjoy it for today and dream of warm temps and that beautiful sunshine.

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