Saturday, February 16, 2013

Black and White

 Well Ive changed up my mantle since the holidays. Just awaiting spring. I went with black and white. Love the look! I have a few old alarm clocks I have picked up along the way.
 I picked this dairy bucket up at Hobby Lobby. I also bought a few tins that match.
 Also got this Public Telephone sign at Hobby Lobby. Just had to have it. Didn't know what I would do with it at the time, but just knew I could use it somewhere sometime!
 Here's a good look at the finish display. I found the window panes last summer and chalk painted them. I have about 3 of em.
 I love the just patina on the new sign.
 Gotta love any old watering can but I just love the curling spout. Makes me ready for spring even more. We've had one good snowfall here in Indy Ks. Not much to speak of. Melted the next morning, tomorrow is expected to get almost to 60 so Ive put away all my snowmen and winter garland and brought out the ivy.
 Remember my 2 yr old puppy Ollie, hes having a rough time. Something is attacking his intestines and were dealing with constant diarrhea, the throwing up has stopped. He has dropped so much weight. He's never been this thin. Due to the diarrhea he bloats up and we've had him to the vet twice to have fluid drained off his tummy. We've done 2 antibiotics and now are on a steroid and fluid pills twice a day. I thought we had lost him last weekend. The vet hasn't given us much hope but he does seem more active and his appetite is better. He had Protein Losing Enopathy. Were ready for him to start to feel better:) Well have a great weekend. Ive had a little trouble with blogger and my cable hookup they wanted and upgrade or something. I haven't been able to log onto blogger, I did something tonight that got it going, for now anyway. Enjoy your weekend ladies!!

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connie said...

Could it be the food he is eating..Someone told me their dog got sick eating beneful..I hope your little dog gets better soon..I LOVE weiner dogs..