Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Christmas present to myself!

 I bought myself a Cricut. I have seen so many fun things on Pintrest and I hope to use it on some of my projects that I have been using stenciling on. Anxious to use some vinyl I bought today!
 I was given this old Harpers magazine and I just love the old pages in it.

 So I cut out some 2x4 blocks sanded and painted them antique.
 Punched out some lettering on the cricut!
 Tore out some pages from the magazine.
 Modpodged them onto the blocks and wala!

I like how they turned out and I am having fun with it. Lots of ideas on Pintrest!


jennifer768 said...

Been kind of wanting one myself,now I want one bad!Fantastic project,love it.It is nice to treat ourselves every once in a while.I can't wait to see what else you do with it.Hugs,Jen

Elisha said...

I have one but no time to USE it! ( 1 and 2 yr old in this house) ;) wouldn't it be great if they made a primitive cartridge!?

Jason Murphy said...

I would like to buy similar to that cricut machine. How much is that cricut?

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