Sunday, January 29, 2012

Settling in for Winter

I haven't posted in forever! Not much to post about, but I did get my Christmas decorations down, but left up some winter garland. The mantle is still decked out in cardinals and greenery, with a Let it Snow sign I made. But boy you wouldn't know it to be winter here. We are experiencing 55 60 degree weather here in SE Kansas, which means in April it will be snowing.

I've had this fire extinguisher for several yrs. but yesterday decided to take all the fufu garland and plaid ribbon off of it. I think I like it better.

Taylor playing with Ollie. He is a mess. What happened to my little puppy I could hold in the palm of my hand literly. He eats like a horse now and runs through the house like hes one too!

He's adorable tho!!!!!

Some winter garland in and old ice cream bucket on the hearth.

I came across some of these braided placemats and rugs on Ebay and I have loved them.

One long one for the hearth. Ollie loves to lay here.

One for the sofa table underneath an old favorite basket filled with ivy.

I love switching out sayings on my chalkboard. This is a wintry recipe for Snow Ice Cream!!

Trying to invite that wintry snow!!

Have a great Sunday!!

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gail said...

truly miss your blogs!