Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Dancers

I found the picture!! Taylor and Brooke in their first dance recital at 4 and 5.....

and Taylor and Brooke at High School Dance Camp at age 15 and 16!!!!!!!! Read onto the next post!!!

My Dancers are back!!

We picked the girls up from Dance Camp this morning. They had a great time, they are tired and sore but made some great memories I hope. Here are cousins Taylor and Brooke, if my memory serves me right, I may have to dig out a picture of the two of them in this exact poise only in too toos at the age of 4 and 5. Brooke the taller of the two is a yr. younger that Taylor.


Sid, the good boyfriend drove down with me to pick her up, she was excited to see him!!!!!!!

These fab four were roomies together, I'm surprised anyone got any sleep.

Good job!! IHS Dance Team

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Off to Dance Camp!!

Just sent my daughter Taylor and my niece Brooke off to high school dance camp Wed. morning! They were very excited to go. Taylor is third over from the right. Brooke is right above her!

Brooke Tay and friend Riley! They all took those pillow pets. Mema got them all one for Christmas, Who knew they'd love them so much!

The mothers of the dancers have been meeting regularly to get their daily gifts bought and packaged up. We sent them off with a shower caddy, monogrammed towels, personalized water bottles, dorm door decorations and hair ribbons. Today they should have gotten a t-shirt and lanyard, tomorrow a necklace and picture frame.

We went down last night and watched them preform their routine. She called before she went to bed, their having a great time, tiring but fun. I miss her so much. But at least her room is going to stay clean until Saturday when she comes home!!!!!!! It's so nice to walk by and see it looking so neat :)

Our little dancers!