Friday, August 19, 2011

Kansas Sunflowers

I just love sunflowers, like anything else the old and ready to discard type. I hadn't found seen any sunflower fields for two yrs. until we drove out by the lake the other night and there it lay. Got the hubby's pocket knife out and ran out into the field and started cutting all I could carry back to the car. I love to use them displayed around the house for all seasons really.

These are a few drying out on the deck and with the temps in the triple digits they are drying fast!

Some from many yrs ago in an old milk jug!

I love the small ones too they look great in and old ice cream bucket in an old crate.

The tag sales have been far and few between. I hoping when the fall weather breaks people will feel like pulling all their old junk out of their sheds. I've not bought much of anything for a long while now.

Well school starts up in about a wk and a half. Kind of ready to see some little people. Taylor's dance team practices have started up for the new football season and work is keeping her busy. Mikes on vacation this wk and we have painted the new carport and it looks nice. Ill have to take a pic of that soon for you all to see. Stay cool I'm dreaming of getting my fall pumpkins down!!!!


Carmen C. said...

LOVE those sunflowers! I tried growing the huge ones last year but only got 2 flowers, LOL, here in PA the deer eat them:(

Jan said...

I love the sunflowers. I wish i had them. My grandmother loved Kansas and seeing this blog made me think of her. Blessings, janice

from me to thee......... said...

love the sunflowers....but, here is a stupid question, are the seeds already fallen out?