Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Dancers are back!!

We picked the girls up from Dance Camp this morning. They had a great time, they are tired and sore but made some great memories I hope. Here are cousins Taylor and Brooke, if my memory serves me right, I may have to dig out a picture of the two of them in this exact poise only in too toos at the age of 4 and 5. Brooke the taller of the two is a yr. younger that Taylor.


Sid, the good boyfriend drove down with me to pick her up, she was excited to see him!!!!!!!

These fab four were roomies together, I'm surprised anyone got any sleep.

Good job!! IHS Dance Team


Lynn said...

Hi Dawn,
congratulations to your dancers!
I am new to your blog. I love all of your goodies that you find to bring home and my oh my what wonderful bargins you have in Kansas!!! I live in Conover, North Carolina. I am hoping that you will share how to make the dowel rod firecrackers and how to get a vintage black cat fireworks label. I love Americana and I want to do a jar like you were talking about making for you sister. You can contact me at
I look forward to making a new prim friend.
prim hugs,

Lynn said...

Hi Dawn.
Just checking in to see if you are ok. I miss reading about your junking and your creating. Update us soon.