Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tag Sale Goodies

I was playing around on the deck today. I have so much junk! These were not my original idea, I saw this somewhere on Blog land, but I have wanted to try this for sometime. Just old strainers with a little Gerber daisy added to the post of my deck!

Another one on another post!

The rest of the pics are of my tag sale finds this weekend. I found alot!!!! Isn't this little enamel dipper just precious!$3.

Also got this bucket and cute little enamel cups for $3 each. thinking of hanging the cups from a window frame I have.

Hit a sale outside of town that was great! this green stand is holding a fern on one of my patios! I love the green chippy paint.$3 The lady said she loved to junk but had accumulated to much stuff. Oh, honey me too, but I just keep buying it!

This I so didn't need don't even have a place for it, but $5, I thought I'd put it under my bathroom window all painted up black but it sticks out to far in front of the toilet :(

This little red box I pd. $5 for I could see some of my red white and blue dowel rod firecrackers in it, or a strand of black cat firecrackers tucked in some greenery! The flags I snagged for $1 each!

I love the brass corners and the handle on it!

This is a vegetable bin the lady said, it has holes on the sides. $1

All this galvanized stuff for $1 each! How can you just leave it for that?

Loved this old mailbox, I'm guessing it is? Its big but I thought id look good nailed to the wall on the front porch. $2

Yesterday I found these chicken feeders, the long one for $3 and the big ones for $4 each there where 3 of them. The old farmer wanted to know if I was going to go into the chicken business? No, I said just going to sit them around the yard!

This I also got from the farmer, $8 love this!!

Another feed, one of the 3, I just loved the colorful graphics on them. Well on going out to play in the yard and find some spots for my new junk!!


Holly said...

I need to shop where you do!!!! Sales here, not so great! Love the enamelware bucket and dipper, and all the galvanized, and .... well, everything!!

Gayle said...

You found some really great stuff! I have one of those long skinny chicken feeders - I planted hens & chicks in it cuz I thought that would be 'appropriate'! LOL

luv2teek said...

Wow, great stuff at great prices!

Firecracker Kid said...

Awesome finds and awesome prices. You'll have fun decorating them all.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

All I can say is wow! We don't have any kind of tag sales like that around here! I wouldn't have passed up any of those things either at those prices! Awesome finds...all of them! Love it all!


jennifer768 said...

Great goodies ! I can just see the old mail box nailed on the wall and it full of geraniums .Oh did I mention that I love geraniums. LOL! Awesome finds and wow you can't get better prices .Hugs,Jen