Sunday, June 26, 2011

No Fishin.......Just Swimmin

Thought I'd show you girls a few signs of this sweltering summer heat we're having here in Kansas. We got the pool open and it's been really nice after mowing to cool off in the local fishing shack! Ive showed this before on my blog but this yr. I changed a few things under the corner shade up a bit. I've even added a new duck to the pond. Thought the one duck looked a little lonely floating around out there by himself.

I added a couple more crates and tried to make it look like an old dock setting. Found an old net rolled up in the corner.

Still love my old boat I found a couple yrs ago right under my nose. Had been looking forever and my sil said her parents had one covering their woodpile. I brought it home to rest here! recently I have been running across some large galvanized tubs! Love those, and I thought to hang them form the railing of the pool. I love the looks of it, don't you?

Just a view of the covered deck on the south side of our home.

The newly built not quite done, but almost carport Mike is building off our garage. My daughter is driving now and with his car and hers were always scrambling when it storms to get their cars under something, we decided to build a two car carport off our two door garage. We are going to work on finishing the siding on the peaks today as a matter of fact. Mikes really handy around the house. We built the entire house several yrs ago.

This is another pic I have showed before, its the garden shed. I found and old chicken coop a couple yrs. ago and love any old galvanized hanging over the tomato plants!

The swing and hammock :)

Now for some pics of the things I get at tag sales and never show you girls what I do with it all. This is the flag Mike brought home for me for Mothers day this yr. I have it in the corner by the TV cabinet and several yrs ago I found this old cool picture of an American flag.

Just reminds me of one you might of seen in my Elementary school days!

Well this is what I have been looking for!! The minute I laid eyes on this flag I envisioned an old flag stand for it. And I knew just the guy to find me one. I had been looking on EBay but they wanted $95 and up for one. So I ran into the maintenance guy at for our local school district, he is a friend and a fellow junker. We see each other at all the tag sales. I mentioned to Ken what I was wanting and he said he had just what I needed. So one day he pulled into my driveway and opened his trunk and there were three perfectly old flag stands! Gasp!!! and he's telling me to pick which one I wanted. One was huge but awesome one was square and awesome and so I choose this one because I thought it would fit well in the spot I needed it for. Still have to have Mike turn down the flag pole to fit into the stand. So I say Ok Ken what do you have to have for it. I'm hopping he says under $30 bucks. He stammers around for a few seconds and says OHHHHH, $2. WHAT!!!!!!!!! I say oh Ken there is no way, its worth so much more that $2. He says ya but that's what I gave for it and from one picker to another that's what I want for it.

Now for a few pics of some of the other treasures I have drug home and have found a place for. This is the old fishing tackle box I bought a few wks ago. I have it sitting on the hearth of the fireplace with some dowel rod firecrackers I made.

And the old red box I bought last weekend with an old flag and more firecrackers, I have it on a table in the entry way for the holiday!

The old green plant stand with a fern on it on the deck.

One of my many summer projects was to chalkboard paint a couple old cabinet doors I had picked up for $1 each and an old mirror for $2.

On Saturday I hit a good one. I had been to a few and found a few things, a tall black plastic set of drawers for my daughters room and heading home I stopped at another and saw this lady hauling to her car and old gas can and I hustled right on up there. The home belonged to an older gentleman (103) that had passed and his nephews were selling the contents of his house. Well I started in the garage and spied this old red pump under a table, I picked it up for $20 the bigger bucket was $3 but it has some really cool red printed wording on the side of it. The little bucket was covering an old lawn mover, which now I wish I had gone back for:(

Loved the old oil can for $2, the glass jar .50 I mad my SIL an old black cat fireworks label and will fill it with firecrackers tomorrow when the stands open and give it to her.

Was thrilled to find this old tire pump for $1 and it still works along with the old rack or $1.

These I'm pretty proud of. I was walking through a doorway from the garage onto the backyard and saw one old wire flyswatters on a nail, and a few minutes later I spied three more on another nail. I love them they look so vintage!!

The old ladder is going to my daughters boyfriends mother. She has been wanting me to pick up a few things for her yard when I run across them. I think she can use this by a tree and I have a few pieces of enamelware for her to plant some flowers in.

My last pic is the goods I found when I went back to that same sell to find a watering can I thought might still be there, but wasn't. This old box had been marked down to $1, I brought i home and had to put a few more nails in it, but I love the color. And the old canning rack I will put some flowers in the jars and set it about somewhere! Well I know I had alot of pics this post, hope I haven't bored you to long. Today my plan is to go out on the screened in porch and move out an old white cabinet and either nail some old crates on the wall or use some old shutters I have had. Anyway I see it I'm probably going to sweat!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

All I can say is Wow to all the good finds! And the flag and flag that especially! How nice of him to sell you that for $2! Okay, why don't we have tag sales like that around here? :)

Have a great week!

jennifer768 said...

Love the area around your pool .So pretty and unique.Awesome finds ! Hugs,Jen

Never So Simple said...

What $2 for anything these days is unheard of. I love the flag and stand. I enjoyed seeing all of your finds.

Your home and yard are so pretty!