Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some new finds and flowers

I have made a few hits at tag sales lately. A few weeks ago my neighbor called me and said she was at a presale at a dry cleaning business and would I like to come over to look. I went, not finding much and as I was leaving and noticed a rusty frame under a bunch of clothing.

I started digging and realized it was and old laundry cart. Now not much at all was from the laundry business, most of the stuff was the lady's personal junk, but this had been left behind. I asked her what she had to have for it? $12.00 bought it!! I was thrilled. the canvas is really tattered but I like the looks of it. Have no idea what I'm doing with it or even where it's going to sit. For right now its on my covered deck.

I do love the looks of it though!!

One day I also had an idea for this chicken feed that I had out buy the potting shed. I have always loved it, so I brought it up to the house and added some geraniums and nesting grass, stuck in an old aged flag and I have it hanging at the patio doors. I have gotten several comments on it already!

Yes, its time for those geraniums to come out. I use them almost exclusively. I pot them up and start scattering them around the yard.

Here's a grouping on the other side of the patio doors, I love anything galvanized!

This is another find I found yesterday at a tag sale. Love the speckled blue deep dish. I pd. $2.00 for this one. Well that's all the pics for now. Its cooler today and suppose to rain most of the day. A good day for laundry catchup and grocery buying. I have a good book I may pick up and read a little bit of today! Have a great day!


Beckyjean said...


Love the geraniums in the old chicken feeder. I may have to borrow that idea (if it's okay with you).

Enjoy your day~Becky

rachel said...

Love you new finds & all your groupings! It all looks great!

Holly said...

You got some great finds! I love all things galvanized too and love the way you put them together! The generaniums look great. I was thinking today, as I saw some pots at the store, "why don't I just do generaniums?), after I'd already bought lots of other do-dads. Next year I'm going to simplify!! Thanks for the tip!!

Picket said...

Morning that old chicken feeder!!! Love all those groupings on your porch...I could go shopping there! lol Hope you had a great Mother's Day...and hope you have a beautiful week...thanks so much for coming by...Picket