Friday, May 13, 2011

Grand Old Flag

This is what I got for Mothers Day from my husband!! Isn't it awesome! He got it right this yr. He went to a swap meet in Lawrence Ks. and came home with this. The vendor said oh you could clean it up some. He said no my wife will like it just like this. Its an old flag that was used in parades carried by veterans.

Came with a great old pole. I actually have it standing in a corner of my living room. Didn't even think to take a pic of that. I will soon tho! I just loved it!

My daughter and her boyfriend helped his mother set up for a craft fair that weekend and she bought me this old can. The vendor was painting on them and trying to peel off the label. She bought it unpainted just the way I like them.

She also came home with a couple baskets of flowers for me and I put them out by the fountain out on the deck. I got it going a few weeks ago. I'm off today for a personal day I needed to take before the end of the yr. Its cloudy and cool today, 60 something. Mikes on vacation this week building onto the garage a two car carport. I hear the nail gun now. Ill get some pics of that too! Tomorrow they are calling for sun!!!!!!! A good roofing day it sounds like. Have a good one!


Beckyjean said...

Lovin that flag!! You are one lucky lady to!!

Have a wonderful weekend~Becky

Jayme said...

I just love your taste! That flag is awesome. Did you know parades make me cry? They sure do - especially when the Veterans go by...I'm a basketcase!

Holly said...

I have a flag like that too and I love it!!! I usually just put it out for the holidays (inside), but maybe I'll leave it out longer!!! I love those old coolers too and love to set them on my porch! Always so fun to see what you're up to!