Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Summer Tag Sale Finds!

Well it was my first Friday off of school for the summer break and I was going to sleep in but was awake at 6:00 am as usual. I had marked the tag sale ads the previous night, so I got up and went. I try not to have any expectations in finding anything, as to not be too disappointed. However, this morning I hit a great one!! I was going to hit some local ones in town first, but decided to go for the one on the outskirts of a small town nearby. So in about 10 minutes I was there. Antiques were advertised, but that saying you never know what that may mean? could be somethings that aren't so old and not my kind of stuff or it could be great stuff but so high nobodies going to buy it at that price. I was the first one to turn into the old farmhouse. Yea! an old farmhouse. A young looking lady was just bringing out the money box and her chair. ya, it was 30 minutes before her sale was advertised to open but, " Sure, she was open and ready!" At the first glance around the place I noticed an old sled, Ah! But I'm thinking how much will it be? $3.00, Id take it, entering the garage, I noticed a couple old suitcases, But I'm thinking How much? $1.00 each, OK! I like how this is looking!

I mentioned how she and I appeared to like the same things! Yea, she was a junker too but just had no room. NO ROOM? in that big old farmhouse. Boy would I like to go in and look around then? I found this cute little primitive mirror for $1. Several green handled utensils for $3 each. An old jar with zinc lid for $3.

I was tingly when I spied this old basket for $3! It's a great size. I can see geraniums in it on my porch!

And this old wooden barrel for $3. She had a smaller one she was using to put her plastic bags for the sale in.

These two great old bowls were priced for $3 each as is. Love them, have already used both of them! I just love old bowls:)

Here is a pic of the old sled, now an old sled is the last thing I needed. I have just a few already hanging around the porches and stored on hooks in the potting shed, but for $3, I couldn't pass it up.

I love love love the chippy paint. Well I headed home stopping at a few more, not even caring if I didn't find one more thing that weekend. And it was only Friday! Well I worked in the yard this past Sunday, Mike rode his motorcycle to Joplin Missouri with a few other thousand bikes to participate with the Patriot Guards to protect the victims of the tornado from the protesters from that radical Topeka church. He said it was unreal, the damage. Much worse than what you see on TV. I can't imagine what it would be like to loose everything, like so many of those people did.


jennifer768 said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot! Loving that mirror and you just can't go wrong with old bowls. So sad about Joplin ,Missouri ! Have a good day .Hugs,Jen

gail said...

Soooooooooo envious, but happy for you!

Holly said...

What great goodies!!!! Makes all the bad ones worthwhile when you make a haul like that! I, too, can't pass up an old sled (for the right price!) and have more than a few in the rafters! Those bowls are beautiful...everything is! What a fun find! Kind of sets the mood for the weekend :) I got a few things, but it was so rainy here that I didn't stay out long. Finished the rest of my garden planting too and got all my pots planted.
Headed for the Farm Chicks sale this weekend...yea!!
And yea to your hubby for helping out. I can't imagine what those people are going through.

Beckyjean said...

Wonderful goodies!! Love the old mirror.

Enjoy your week~Becky

Gayle said...

You got some GREAT stuff at that sale! If you like kitchen tools with painted handles, I posted pictures of some on my blog a few days ago that I'd like to sell for a very reasonable price - perhaps you could come take a look!

Karen said...

Hi Dawn, I have just found your lovely blog...I look forward to reading your posts. Like you, I love old wares and antiques. Don't you just love those days when you find great bargains....how good is that sled...fantastic price too!!! Hugs, Karen

Theresa said...

Amazing finds and so cheap!! Yay you!! :) It is great that your husband went to Joplin. I wish that people would just stop calling that group a church. They are nothing like a church. They are hateful, evil fearmongers. God will deal with Fred Phelps and he followers.

Theresa said...

oops....I meant to say "his followers".