Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Time is here!

Well I've been decorating my little heart out. I started deep cleaning a couple wks ago before hauling all my Christmas things down from the attic!~ Ive got a basket full of bells here on the hall table.

Here's a picture of my beautiful girls on Thanksgiving Day! Chelsea my 19 yr old niece, Taylor my 16 yr, old daughter and Brooke my 15 yr old niece.

Aren't they just model beautiful!!! I can remember them one Christmas not to long ago doing a Christmas play right here in the living rm.! Now their all growing up! Taylor hates it that she's the shortest, (note her standing on the hearth just to be up there with them)

This is Tyler her boyfriend spending the weekend with us!!

Love all my snowman!! Got him perched on a picnic basket.

The fireplace is all treed out!

This is my candy cane station. I saw this idea in the new Country Sampler Christmas magazine and decided to create a nook for our home! The girls were already into the sweets on Thanksgiving day.

Santa underwear hung proudly on the front door!

A little garland on another cabinet.

My top hat trees in the living rm with some of the antique toys I've collected through out the summer from tag sales.

Some of my handy work on some pillows tacked in a basket.

I made a few wooden candy canes out of dowel rods one summer. Try and eat those girls!

Some antiqued tags I have on the trees.

This is the best thing I got this summer. My cousin was such a great fried this yr and has continues to tag sale for me even after school started and I could no longer go. One day she texted me and had bought this for me. Isn't it cool! Its an old tool box of some kind and I had such fun decorating it for the holidays. I knew the first time I saw it I was going to put it where I did for Christmas! I love the pillows and rolling pins tucked in it! I've already gotten so many complements on it! Thanks Towanna!!

A stocking hung on an old window frame in the dining rm.

This is the cabinet in the dining rm. where I have alot of old jars displayed.

A chalkboard I picked up this summer. I love it too sitting in the dining rm. entryway with a greeting written on it.

Another pic of the wooden box!

The old mail slot cabinet above the sofa, all deep cleaned and dust free now!

Sorry a double pic:/

Looking into the dining rm from the living rm.

Well that's all for now. Elf the movie is on and I love that show. Have a great week ladies!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Autumn Gatherings

I thought I'd take some photos of some of the fall decor I have put together. I don't feel like I went all out like I have in the past. I don't know why, I used up almost all my fall stuff in my tubs. Anyway this is my fireplace and mantle area.

A few pumpkins atop a freebie cabinet I found on the curb one day.

My entry way table.

I use alot of sunflowers in my fall decorating.

Some great pumpkins in a big old wooden bowl.

My tool box painted barn red makes a great fall display on the kitchen island.

Porch junk!!!

I love this corner. I made the Neewollah sign, sold a slug of them last yr. at school. Neewollah is Halloween spelled backwards. Its an annual celebration we have here in Independence Ks. Carnival, street acts, kiddie and grand parade. Google it, its a fun time for families!

Still getting good use out of my summer ferns and geraniums.

I have been so fortunate that my cousin has been out scouting around at fall Friday morning sales for me. I will come home and find many treasures in my yard that she has picked up for me. I think I have her hooked on "picking". This is an old chicken nesting house I think. $2

My fav find of the day was this old tool box. It just spoke to me. You can't duplicate this "wear and tear" on anything. I love it. It may find itself on my entry table this winter. $3!!!

These were great finds too! The big galvanized tub has a hole in it but for .50 its mine. The rope was $2.00 Ill use that around my pool area next summer. I'm so loving the two galvanized buckets for .50 , yes .50. I love the graphics on them.

This twin bed was a find for $10.00 I plan on painting it black and scuffing it up. Need to buy a twin mattress and will put it in the computer rm. for an overnight guest. The star from the same tag sale was $2 and the old royal blue roasting pan was .50 Great finds this weekend!

Last but not least, met Ollie, our new dapple dashand puppy. Sadly we lost our 13 yr old Scooter to a coyote a few months ago. So we felt we needed a new baby around the house. He's been alot of work cleaning up after him, but he is a joy!!

He wants to chew on everything even Taylor's nose here in this photo. We miss you lots Scooty!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A trove of Treasures!

Ok, I'm snoozing away on a Saturday morning, as I said before the tag sales around here have terrible all summer because of the heat. So I'm snoozing away and my phone rings, its my cousin, she says she's at a sale that has my name written all over it. Get up and get here! It was about 20 min. away she started describing some of the things she was looking at and I scampered right over there. It was a pickers delight. An entire trailer house full of junk. Snake nest and all! I managed to pull out some things that interested me a whole lot!

This is a few things I came home with!!

They had three of these old black ones I could have kicked myself for not buying all but this one was the best.

This old well pump will go out in my newest burem( spelling?)out by the driveway. I brought home about three old pulleys and love the old rope. Two wash boards for the laundry rm.

I know!!!! Look at the milk cans and oil cans. I love the big old glass jug. Didn't have a lid but I can look for one or cover it with some old cloth

This old wash tub I traded my sweet neighbor for a sink Ill show you farther down in to this post. She was going to use it to ice down soft drinks on her deck!

Another shot of the old pulleys and a great colander!

This, my cousin thought was some kind of pulley system from a track over a door or something. I'm thinking I see a hanging basket from it.

Love this old grinder, I have a plant in it now on my deck(farther on down this post) The blue caught my eye on it old gas can and this small wash tub ringer will also go in my laundry rm.

Red gas can was cool. Always pick up those Folgers cans, they work anywhere during Christmas decor. The spur looking pulley was to twist rope with? That's what the lady said. An old green enamelware wash tub has seen better days but the green is so hard to come by and I love enamelware. And finally and old gardening tool is always a find.

This oval galvanized tub is hanging on a tree in my driveway now. The bottom is rotted out. I think the grid thing is a seed separator? And a great old pump.

Love that enamelware!!!!!! I have hung some with S hooks on all my washtubs around the yard!

I found this big old flag in the bottom of a box there. It will come in handy next summer for sure!

This is an enamel light fixture. I sure want to find a place for this maybe out by the pool!

Ok, here is what I traded my neighbor for the wash tub! She has had this awhile and her son has just finished and outdoor kitchen for her. Stoned the front and cement counter tops and she wanted to go with a different look on the deck so she traded me. After I got it all decorated, Mike suggested next summer we make a water feature from the red well pump going into the sink!!! Yea, I loved that idea! I put some of the milk cans under the sink too.

Here's the old tub on the tree.

And the old pulley and rope in a wagon on the deck. I found the old oil sign at Hobby Lobby this wk. 50% off too.

And finally the old wooden grinder with a potted grass in it. I love the look. Well it was a great weekend for finds at least at that one sale. I've had fun this weekend playing around in the yard with all of it. School starts for us on Tuesday, hoping the weather starts to cool off. Have a great week everyone!