Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Finally, some Christmas pics! my computer was being testy with not wanting yo upload from my camera!YUGH! Anyway, here we go. My mantle is decorated with scales this yr. I didn't use lighting up there, and I do miss it. But wanted to mix it up a bit this yr.
My deck porch area has some of Santa's wet dripping clothes a drying there! Along with a note from a little one named Taylor who HAS been a good girl!

A little candy cane.

More Santa underwear!

This is my curbside find this summer. Brought it home and painted it black.

Love my trees in the wooden ice cream buckets. I leave these up most of the winter!

For the past several yrs. I have used two pencil trees and decorated them together. It leaves alittle more rm. in the living rm.

Some goodies I made and had left from last season that I took to school and sold most everything!

I loved my BELIEVE blocks I made. Wish I'd saved one for myself!

Here are a few signs I made, those went quickly, too! Well, it's a cold evening, I want to get dinner over with, I have had my eye out for a few new pillow samplers to make and I want to get started on them. Happy Holidays!