Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring has arrived...

Finally we have had some beautiful spring weather here in S.E. Kansas!! I got outside and pulled some weeds and rearranged some things in my yard. I had planted some English ivy under a number of trees and I do love the looks of it but it had started to climb up the entire tree and I have heard it could choke out the tree so I pulled most of it out of this bed and put an old bicycle here that I had over by the playhouse. Now this is the view as you turn the corner of the driveway!
Went to Lowe's last weekend and came home with way to many flowers! I mostly pot up geraniums but I couldn't pass up a couple of the Gerber daisy's!!

I think I'm really going to enjoy my new cover on the deck this summer. Usually the potted flowers have to be moved around as the summer sun used to beat down on the deck most of the day. Now the front half is covered and the other half has the slatted coverage. It's going to be so much cooler up there for the pots. Plus I have added so many more old pieces up on the porch because of the protection. Two yrs ago I pulled out the overgrown Yews in front of the lattes and planted maiden grasses in its place. I love that stuff! It comes up to the top of the lattes as it gets bigger.

A few pics of the daisy's and potted geraniums, and all my junk!!

Nothing prettier than a red geranium in an old rusty pail!!

Love finding those kiddie goulashes!

OMG!!!! Woke up at 8:00 didn't think I'd hit any tag sales today. It's a little cool and cloudy but thought Oh I'm up. Read the adds and decided to hit this one out north of town first since it was closer to me. I had been there to a sale a few yrs back and walked around with the guy and bought just a bunch of junk it the yard. Galvanized things and crock things. made a pile and offered him so much! Well this was the same place. The daughter in law was selling today and had a bunch of the old mans collectibles. Just want to get rid of it all she said!!!! First thing I spied was this great bowl! It measures 20inches across. I'm thinking oh she will want so much for this. 2$, Ill take it. Love the old jar shape, and I always buy up string!!

Just look at this bowl. I'm not sure what Ill do with it. I can see it on my coffee table with nesting in it. I can see it on my kitchen table with faux vegetables in it.

Then I saw the bells!!!!! Again, I thinking if she wants alot for one Ill just take a couple. I already have two red ones on my pie safe. Even two more would make a great addition. .50cents each, I'll take all of them! Sorry the pic is so blurry.

Then I spied the oil cans. Now my husband has a few of these on a shelf as a collection in the garage. And I did have him in mind when I picked these up, BUT..... I may find a place for them in the house. I really like them!! I felt really good about my finds this morning! I came home without stopping at another one cause I was so please!!!! Now I'll go play and find a place for everything. Enjoy your weekend!