Monday, February 22, 2010

A little stitching...

I've been working on for my booth. I went up a few weeks ago and changed up some Americana things for my wintery items. I've sold a few pieces already! These are a couple pillows I've done.
And I made a couple more of these. They can be hung from a peg shelf as I made them with a curly wire hanger. I enjoyed making them as I watched the Olympics. I attended another parent meeting in preparation for the spring break band trip my daughter and I are taking together. I signed up as a chaperon. What have I got myself into. I am a homebody. I do not like to be away from home. I like to sleep in my own bed. I am a worrier. I do not travel well. An here I am going on a band trip to San Antonio with 54 teen agers. We do have 18 adults going. And it's a chartered bus trip! And we travel all tho the night. I keep telling myself it's just two nights on a bus and two nights in a motel. We do the Alamo, the Riverwalk, a band clinic, Six Flags and Sea World and lots of stuff in between. The daughter and her boyfriend are going, they are excited about that. They will have a blast I know! We leave March 17th. I'm hoping it will be warmer!! That I am looking forward to. I am so ready for warmer weather, at least some sunshine!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A little spring

I finally got to Hobby Lobby and found some daisy's for my new jar that I received from Dot. I added some black check material for a bow and added some pebbles.
I love it and can change out the flowers every so often. We have a long weekend due to parent teacher conf. I plan to pick up the house and maybe get some projects done around here. I switched out my booth uptown last week with some patriotic decor. Maybe that will move some things. It's been slow. Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A "Dot" of Spring

Wow, I received a great package in the mail today from Dot, over at Picket's Place!! A very generous giveaway. I opened the box and started unloading all the goodies. My hubby said, "is that all from one giveaway?" That's Dot I said. I love it all. Look at the color is has added to my kitchen. Th e red canister set just pops! I'm going to put some staples from the pantry in those and put them in my Hoosier cabinet! The little custered cups I know for sure I will use for the 4th of July as condiment dishes. I may put some salt and pepper in them and set them by stove. And look how well the towels match everything. The browns go great in my kitchen and now this red just adds to it~
I'm so excited to put this to use. Dot has placed small pebbles in hers and has some beautiful spring flowers on her post today!~ I can't wait to get to Hobby Lobby and purchase some spring buds. Thanks so much again Dot for your generosity and thoughtfulness you put into this giveaway. I love it all!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Here's what I collect...

Char, over at Pickled Pepper Patch suggested we find things we collect. Other than dust... I do have way to much I collect. I love crocks of all sizes and in the pst few yrs. I started collecting rolling pins to put in the crocks.
Of course, my jar collection I posted on not to long ago.
And my love for enamelware!! I cant seem to pass this up. I have way to much and yet I keep looking?????
This set is on the back wall of the screened in porch.
More enamelware in the laundry rm. along with a small collection of whisk brooms.
My whisk brooms I made into a valance in the laundry rm. No, I didn't come up with this idea. I think I first saw it in the Junk Beautiful magazine by Ki Nassauer, love those books!
More enamelware and jars.Well that will do for now on some of my collections. I'd love to part with the collection of dust! Any takers??????LOL