Wednesday, September 15, 2010

100 Mile Tag Sale!

Well first of all I'd like to thank each and everyone of you ladies for remembering my daughter and her boyfriend Sid in your prayers. He's doing remarkably good tonight. Hoping to return to school one day next week. Returned to the surgeon today and had the staples removed from in chest and the skin graph is doing well. Thanks again for the prayers. God is good!
I had a many great finds last weekend at our 100 mile tag sale. Very good prices too. Got three of these darling milking cans for $1-2.

Aren't these darling? They are stove pipe tops I guess? I thought they looked like bird houses! Love the little doors. Thought they might look good in a flower garden.

I found a couple of olde bicycles. This one for $10.

The little wooden ironing board was $5. I hung it in my laundry rm. I is just the right size. The drawer, not sure if I like it or not. I grabbed it up and now I might not hang onto it. The old wash tub I bought for a friend of mine who has been looking for one.$5! And I love the old light fixture, may put it out by the pool next summer.

Got the old wagon for $8, she wanted $10. Threw in a spare wheel!

Love the old wooden folding chair. Just an unusual shape seat. And I ran out to Orschlands and bought some beautiful mums for $5.

Aren't these two lanterns neat? $2 each!! I know I couldn't believe the prices!

Another old bike for $5, it's really rough. The handle bar broke off as I was unloading it from my suburban. Mike fixed it for me with some tubing. I loved the old worn baskets. I can fill them up with fall mums and spring geraniums!!

I also got a basket of these cool flower labels. I can see some primitive labels in these for next season! Well I had a great time finding all of these treasures. It seems you find the most when you expect the least. I wasn't even going to go at all. The first yr. we had this Mike and I took off work on Fri. and went again on Sat. and didn't find much at all. This yr. was fabulous!!!! Have a great week everyone!

Friday, September 10, 2010

God's Grace

Well we have had a miraculous week. Monday evening about 7:15 my daughter and her boyfriend and his little brother were shooting birds out in the pasture of his house, when Sid went to lay down his 20 gauge shot gun. It slipped out of his hand and accidentally shot himself in his right side. Little brother was standing beside him. My daughter was in the bed of the truck nearby. Staying as calm as the situation could would be Taylor managed to get Sid in the back of his truck and drive him up to the house where his mom took over and sped them to the ER. In a matter of less than an hr. he was being airlifted to St. Francis Hospital in Wichita Ks. about a 2 hrs from home. We followed his family up and waiting for him to return from a 3 hr. surgery. It honestly didn't look good at first. Surgeons prepared the family for a bowel reconstruction. But by God's grace they got in there and no major organ were affected!!! He has 60 buckshot pellets in his body, some in the liver and spleen, many in the chest muscles, but miraculously nothing life threatening!!! He had a lg. open wound but today had a skin graph procedure to cover that and they did cut him from sternum to just below is bellybutton. We visited about every other day and he had a couple rough days but last nights visit he was feeling wonderful. Walking moving well. He is just so blessed to have survived and we are just so thankful none of the three were injured more or worse. Thank you God!!!!!! Please pray for him, he still has a recovery time and needs to keep his studies up but we are just elated that he's ok. My house and laundry have stacked up and we need to catch up on some much needed rest but thankfully he will be home this weekend. Taylor can't wait to finally get some alone time with him. Have a great weekend. It's the 100 mile rummage sale tomorrow. Ive hit a few today and got some great finds Ill have to post later!!!