Sunday, August 8, 2010

My little Neelah Deb

Taylor has been chosen to be a Neelah Deb during our Neewollah 2010 celebration this yr. My niece Chelsea is going out as a senior for a queen candidate. We crown a queen and her court for our week long celebration. Carnival, parade, concerts etc. Taylor was chosen as a sophomore to be a Neelah Deb. Their responsibilities are many. They learn a dance routine and preform at the talent and coronation. They serve the Queen candidates in serving at the Tea and Brunch. They ride a float in the grand parade. It is quite an honor to be chosen and we are so proud of her. She's headed here in the photo to have her picture taken as a group for the local paper. Her boyfriend is home from a horse show in Iowa from a week and she can see him after pictures. She can't wait! Pretty proud of her!!


Kindra said...

Congrats to Taylor. It sounds like an honor to be chosen and fun, too!

Josh said...

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