Saturday, July 17, 2010

Was Monday wash day?

Ok, I am sitting out in the driveway in a lawn chair watching cement dry, literally! My husband was finishing cleaning up from pouring cement for a small patio off our new porch and we both glance up about the same time as a pickup and trailer goes by with a load of scrap metal on it. We both I swear at the same time say, was that an old washer?? Yes, it was and he was more than likely headed to our local scrape metal recycle center, way on the west side of town. Mike says, go chase him down. I sit for a few more seconds thinking, no I'd never catch him in time. But I race for my suburban and go....... I think I see him up ahead and yes it is him. I catch up about the overpass and roll my window down and ask if he would be interested in selling the old washer. His boy nods his head YES!! I pull in front of him and pull into a parking lot. I said what would you have to have for it. Oh, what ever you think. I offer $10. He tells the boy to load it in my suburban. Now I am jumping up and down inside. Now it must just be the thrill of the chase, because now I'm thinking is it going to fit in my car and where am I going to put this thing?
Well it fit with room to spare and I for now have it sitting by a tree out front. I think I might move it though. It's in really good shape. All four wheels are there and the porcelain is good! I loved the rusty cabinet it sits on! Tonight we were driving around and I found this old hose reel, Mike thinks it might be a fire hose reel. Ill share a pic tomorrow. I have it on my new patio!

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Olde Spoon River Homestead said...

lol i would of chaced the guy down too! That was worth the chase! Good eye guys!!!!Hugs casey