Sunday, July 11, 2010

Needing a Fall idea!

Ladies, I am on a "Neewollah" committee this yr. for our Huge annual fall celebration I have blogged about in the past. I am helping with the Brunch that will be attended by the Queen Candidate's themselves. I need a really cute fall name tag idea for any of you scrapebookers out there! It would be much to easy to buy the self adhesive labels and print their names on them and use those. But the chair person wants me to come up with a cute idea to maybe pin on the ladies. I am coming up with nothing so far. Any help out there? Anything pumpkin? Fall? But would have to have room for their names to be printed on them. I have been scouring google for ideas and I'm blank~ Thanks!

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Holly said...

Do you know how to make those cute, rosette flowers??? Maybe those, with a vintage looking tag attatched with their name stamped on it...antiqued around the edges. Fall homespun material??? Just a thought!!!
Have fun! And I lOVe the pictures of the pumpkins!!!!!! It was so cold here on the 4th that I thought I should just get out my fall decor already!!1