Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giveaway in the mail!

The daughter brought in a package from the postman the other day and it was from Sandy @ the Olde Country Cupboard. I was one of the lucky winners from her giveaway and this is what I got. I just love all of it. Good smelling stuff. You ladies should stop by her blog and see what she has been making. Yummy! Great fall scents.
Today I took Taylor and her boyfriend to band camp. His mother and myself drove them to Pittsburg State University and tucked them into their dorm rooms for the week. UUUGGGG! I walked in the house and thought, OK, now what do I do? I hadn't been home two hrs and I thought I would bawl! I miss her so much. She's got a friendly roommate and she's two doors down from the hall bathroom. Got her bed made up, clothes hung in the spacious closet. Found the shortest route to the dining hall. We even ran them to Walmart and bought them tons of junk food. Oh but saying goodbye was so hard. They do have each other. Sid, the boyfriend plays drums, Taylor, the flute. So they have been separated into different sectional for practices. But they do get the eat and hang together, there is a recreational time each night before returning to their respected floors. They practice all week for a concert on Fri. night and a grand parade and half time performance on Saturday for the Shriner's Bowl featuring area chosen football players and honorary band members that have been chose and sponsored by their local Shriner members. It is quite an honor to be chosen to preform in this event! Oh I miss her tho. She texted me a little while ago and said she was having fun. I am hoping for a call before she falls asleep!! Tomorrow I'm going to a great junk store. Hope to post some great finds!

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