Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garden of Fire Hose Reel?

Ok, ladies, here is the hose reel I spotted last night in a yard. Stopped and bought it for $10.

Here is another one I bought a yr. or so ago. I have this one by the pool.

This is our potting shed today. We have cut a hole in the side of the building to put a garage door in. I've bought pegboard to line the rest of the walls. This is what I have left after my tag sale this summer. Old sink and cabinet screen and old doors, shutters, sleds, window frames.

I had a view of windows on this wall and Mike bought a garage door to put here. We have another door to the left of this one in which we house the mowers and gardening tools. This is where I had planned on putting my little someday shop. Someday!
Bought this at a tag sale Sat. $10, the wheels are froze up on it. Something a little W-D 40 can fix.

I hit a tag sale on Fri. morning and Mike hit it on Sat. morning and I had missed this treasure for 50 cents. Yes! Mike thought it was $5 and he was going to offer them $3 but 50 cents was cool! I love the roundyness ? of the seat and back!!

I found this old mailbox, I have been trying to pick these up where ever I can find them. I guess I need to do a post of some of my mailboxes. I have many around the house. I saw a cool pic of them standing on end with flowers and umbrellas in them. Anyway, I was going to take a pic of them this morning and I opened up the lid and SURPRISE! You've got mail. I need to run this back by to the lady I bought it from!! How funny is that?

I also found a whole box of utensils for $2. I wanted just the wooden spoon but for $2 I could pass up the whole thing. I love the little red handled scoop up front.

Same sale had this great little enamel bowl for.5 cents. Always love them!! It is so hot outside. Only place to be is in the pool! That's where I'm headed!!


Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Okay, I know should not envy or covet but I am filled with both right now. First the washer and then the hose reel and then all the other stuff. 8-) Seriously though, those were awesome finds!! I would have chased the guy for as long as it took to get that washing machine.
I would love to see your mailbox ideas.
I just started a blog a few weeks ago. Come visit sometime.
I was blog hopping and found you, I am going to follow just so I can see what you come up with next. 8-)

the primitive country bug said...

Oooh, lots of fun items to look at!
Yes, I'd love to see a post with all your mailboxes sometime. I've seen them upright with flowers in them as well, but would love to see other ideas as well.
How funny that you found her mail in there!!
Enjoy your week.
Blessings~ Birgit

Teri said...

LOVE your style!! I wish I could find great stuff at yard sales ... Not so much in KY.
Anyway I just love your porch bling! Keep it up.

Kindra said...

Love your "new" hose holder. I would sure like one of those!! Ours is on the ground...

Can't wait to see you mailboxes. Sounds like a cute idea!

rockriverstitches said... got some great finds!! I have a push mower just like yours that has sat in our garden shed for 25 years. Don't know what to do with it. Maybe I should take it out and display it.