Friday, July 2, 2010

Fourth of July Decor and a Makeover

This is an old cabinet I made over. It was a freebie. I was tag saling and I went to turn the suburban around in a culdisack and this was sitting out by the road! I hauled it home and...

sanded it down. I always for get to take a before picture of my projects until in midway into them.

All I really had to do was pull out the old ugly shelf paper someone had placed inside the drawers and cabinet area. As I was pulling the paper off. I could just hear the old cabinet breathe again~Ahhhhh, it said.
I flat blacked it and scuffed it up after the paint dried. I have it sitting in the entryway of my front door. I have had to move the two auditorium chairs out to my potting shed for now. I'm just running out of room~

Didi a little tweaking around the fireplace mantle yesterday for the 4th! Added an old American tea stained flag and some white enamelware along with some flags in the crock.

I tried another old flag on the table as a covering and I love it!

Went out and bought some black cat firecrackers and made up an old label on the computer. I even placed some in the big wooden bowl.

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!


Traci said...

Om gosh! I love your cabinet, what a lucky FREE find! You did a great job refinishing it....The American Flag as a tablecloth looks perfectly patriotic for the 4th. Blessings....Traci

Calico Rabbit said...

LOVE that makeover, and Free to boot!!! Awesome!

Beautiful patriotic decor! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

Have a happy and safe 4th!

Beckyjean said...

What a wonderful find!! I can't believe what some people throw away. Lucky for you though. I love how the finished product looks.

Love your decor for the 4th. I really like your mantle.

Have a beautiful 4th.


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

FREE? As in zero? zilch? nada? WOW! I would have wreaked the car if I'd seen that layin on the side of the road!!
It looks super and all your red white and blue decorating looks so prim and fun!

Ann said...

Dawn, Very nice 4th decorations. I especially like the flag draped across the table. I have the same problem you do - I forget to take before pictures too! We're just too excited to start on our projects! LOL. ~Ann

Cedar Creek Primitives said...

I love your 4th of July decor! You did a wonderful job with your makeove!

Jennifer said...

As always, I love, love, love it all!!! :) The cabinet you refinished, I saw one very similar last weekend at a favorite shop of mine. Unfortunately it sold about 10 minutes before I arrived! :( Oh well, I'm not down and out just yet!! :)

Shakerwood said...

What a great find!!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

The little chest is awesome and your decorations look great. Happy 4th!

american girl primitives said...

The cabinet turned out great! I like that bunting across your table too. The mantle looks so nice with all the flags and that star together. Great job!


Sandy said...

What a great cabinet and free at that :) My hubby would have killed me if I came home with that...LOL. He can't see beyond something like I. It looks awesome!!!


Picket said...

Hey girl...loved that cabinet and love how you painted it black!! lol That decorating with the old tea stained flags looks awesome and the firecrackers in the jar idea was just fantastic!!! Loved that! Thanks so much for coming by...hope all is well with your and yours and that you have a glorious week...~Picket~

the primitive country bug said...

That's a great make-over and the fact that it was free is even better! I love the pictures of your home. So Americana and festive!
Blessings~ Birgit

gail said...

you are AMAZING!

luv2teek said...

Just saw your post and your wonderful treasure--love the cabinet!!