Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Americana and the 4th!

We have just recently redone our front porch. Away with the old flooring and wood railing. We went with decking and vinyl post and railings. We still need to treat the decking with a sealer but I had to add some pretties to the porch until then! I love my window frame hanging from the ceiling.
I used a chalkboard window frame with the pledge of allegiance on it sitting by the door.

On the other side of the door is an old table the neighbor was going to throw out. We reattached the leg and I love it!

I have used lots of enamelware on the porch this redo. Even hung some on the front of the house.

An old glider for sitting.

We are pouring some cement for a landing off the steps. And yes, those are wire bread trays. A breadman uses what he has. We had the steps coming off the center of the porch before and with the redo we moved the steps of the driveway. Hoping more people will use the front door. It will be uncovered, but I will decorate it up by setting some chairs and something galvanized on it!!

Old Scootey is sitting at the door watching me take some photos~

Here's a few shots of the kiddos have some fun on the 4th. Sid( the boyfriend).

It was so hot that evening. They shot off most of the big stuff. Note the wheel barrel.
while we watched. This was the first yr. Mike didn't do the honors. Sid had a lot of fun doing that!

No more had we finished our fireworks and it started pouring down rain. We went in for some ice cream and cake. the big citywide was postponed until next yr. We had a fun time anyway!!


Jennifer said...

Love your porch decor, especially the chalkboard with the pledge, great idea!! :) Thanks for sharing.


Kindra said...

I LOVE your porch, Dawn! Can you believe people will throw out such good junk?!! Glad you got ahold of that table!

american girl primitives said...

Great porch, love all that enamelware and red, white and blue!

rockriverstitches said...

I just love what you have done with your porch! I so wish I had a porch!


Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Oh I love this. I saved your pictures to my outdoor porch file. I just love the look you have...it is wonderful. So welcoming and neighborly....can I come over? Hahahaha....I would love to see it up close...how close are you to California? I know I know...too far. Oh well...I'm here drooling over your pictures. Everything is once again dreamy!!!!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I love the new porch and all the decorations but I am really taken by Scootey. We have 9 mini-dachshunds and love everyone I have ever met. You are lucky to have him sharing your company!

Holly said...

The porch looks great...love that old table, and chalkboards are a favorite collectable of mine!! Sounds like you had a great time!

Tolentreasures said...

Your porch looks great! So cozy and inviting!

Prim Annie63 said...

I love your porch. One person junk is another ones treasure.