Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Junk Store Finds

I hit a favorite junk store today. It was a good day, I hadn't been there in a while and I found some nice things. This is actually my AFTER picture of some enamelware I picked up for $2 each.
This is a darling little red chair I got for $8.50, its only 24inches tall and I love the patina of the paint. I'll find a little spot for it somewhere! The chalkboard behind it was $2. Mom wants it painted black and scuffed up for her kitchen.

The little chair is missing a spindle but it was so so cute, I couldn't resist.

This is a little red wagon I picked up for $7.50. I have several big ones in my yard. I even thought about placing it on my island in the kitchen. I may play with that this weekend!

And another picture of the enamelware before I found a place for it!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Giveaway in the mail!

The daughter brought in a package from the postman the other day and it was from Sandy @ the Olde Country Cupboard. I was one of the lucky winners from her giveaway and this is what I got. I just love all of it. Good smelling stuff. You ladies should stop by her blog and see what she has been making. Yummy! Great fall scents.
Today I took Taylor and her boyfriend to band camp. His mother and myself drove them to Pittsburg State University and tucked them into their dorm rooms for the week. UUUGGGG! I walked in the house and thought, OK, now what do I do? I hadn't been home two hrs and I thought I would bawl! I miss her so much. She's got a friendly roommate and she's two doors down from the hall bathroom. Got her bed made up, clothes hung in the spacious closet. Found the shortest route to the dining hall. We even ran them to Walmart and bought them tons of junk food. Oh but saying goodbye was so hard. They do have each other. Sid, the boyfriend plays drums, Taylor, the flute. So they have been separated into different sectional for practices. But they do get the eat and hang together, there is a recreational time each night before returning to their respected floors. They practice all week for a concert on Fri. night and a grand parade and half time performance on Saturday for the Shriner's Bowl featuring area chosen football players and honorary band members that have been chose and sponsored by their local Shriner members. It is quite an honor to be chosen to preform in this event! Oh I miss her tho. She texted me a little while ago and said she was having fun. I am hoping for a call before she falls asleep!! Tomorrow I'm going to a great junk store. Hope to post some great finds!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

You've Got Mail!!

As promised in a past post, I said I'd take some pics of some of the mailboxes I have collected over the summer! This is the picture that started my collection. Don't you just love this idea??
I think the article said it was in an enclosed porch, I just love the idea. Geraniums and umbrellas.
This is what I have put on my new patio off the front porch. It's just some ivy for now, this fall Ill put something live in it. It's so hot now, I'd never get anything to grow in front.

The rustier the better. I bought one of these last weekend and it had set on my porch a couple days and I looked in it and it had the lady's mail in it. I had to run it back over to her:)
This one sits on a stone bench out front of the house.

Another stone bench in the oval of our driveway.

Sorry this one is so blurry. The humidity is so high, you step outside and the camera lenses fogs right up.

On my deck I have one on a wooden bench with some greenery in it. So ladies start picking up those old mailboxes at those tag sales and put them to use.

I bought 5 old ladders this weekend. These are the tallest ones. They are old too. I had to wait for Mike to help me hoist them up the tree last night. my cousins husband is putting in a new septic system for a guy who just bought an old house on 5 acers and he gave us some old clay pots and in the old barn he had these old ladders. I bought them all for one price and we hauled them home the other night. They stuck way out of Mikes truck, but we got em here!!

Look how tall this one goes into the tree. This one has an old pulley and rope on it way up there. I put the rest of them out on the side of the garage. Mike has a car lift inside this garage and the building is really tall. Ill have to post that some day! Have a great weekend, it's so super hot here in Kansas. :(

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Garden of Fire Hose Reel?

Ok, ladies, here is the hose reel I spotted last night in a yard. Stopped and bought it for $10.

Here is another one I bought a yr. or so ago. I have this one by the pool.

This is our potting shed today. We have cut a hole in the side of the building to put a garage door in. I've bought pegboard to line the rest of the walls. This is what I have left after my tag sale this summer. Old sink and cabinet screen and old doors, shutters, sleds, window frames.

I had a view of windows on this wall and Mike bought a garage door to put here. We have another door to the left of this one in which we house the mowers and gardening tools. This is where I had planned on putting my little someday shop. Someday!
Bought this at a tag sale Sat. $10, the wheels are froze up on it. Something a little W-D 40 can fix.

I hit a tag sale on Fri. morning and Mike hit it on Sat. morning and I had missed this treasure for 50 cents. Yes! Mike thought it was $5 and he was going to offer them $3 but 50 cents was cool! I love the roundyness ? of the seat and back!!

I found this old mailbox, I have been trying to pick these up where ever I can find them. I guess I need to do a post of some of my mailboxes. I have many around the house. I saw a cool pic of them standing on end with flowers and umbrellas in them. Anyway, I was going to take a pic of them this morning and I opened up the lid and SURPRISE! You've got mail. I need to run this back by to the lady I bought it from!! How funny is that?

I also found a whole box of utensils for $2. I wanted just the wooden spoon but for $2 I could pass up the whole thing. I love the little red handled scoop up front.

Same sale had this great little enamel bowl for.5 cents. Always love them!! It is so hot outside. Only place to be is in the pool! That's where I'm headed!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Was Monday wash day?

Ok, I am sitting out in the driveway in a lawn chair watching cement dry, literally! My husband was finishing cleaning up from pouring cement for a small patio off our new porch and we both glance up about the same time as a pickup and trailer goes by with a load of scrap metal on it. We both I swear at the same time say, was that an old washer?? Yes, it was and he was more than likely headed to our local scrape metal recycle center, way on the west side of town. Mike says, go chase him down. I sit for a few more seconds thinking, no I'd never catch him in time. But I race for my suburban and go....... I think I see him up ahead and yes it is him. I catch up about the overpass and roll my window down and ask if he would be interested in selling the old washer. His boy nods his head YES!! I pull in front of him and pull into a parking lot. I said what would you have to have for it. Oh, what ever you think. I offer $10. He tells the boy to load it in my suburban. Now I am jumping up and down inside. Now it must just be the thrill of the chase, because now I'm thinking is it going to fit in my car and where am I going to put this thing?
Well it fit with room to spare and I for now have it sitting by a tree out front. I think I might move it though. It's in really good shape. All four wheels are there and the porcelain is good! I loved the rusty cabinet it sits on! Tonight we were driving around and I found this old hose reel, Mike thinks it might be a fire hose reel. Ill share a pic tomorrow. I have it on my new patio!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Americana and the 4th!

We have just recently redone our front porch. Away with the old flooring and wood railing. We went with decking and vinyl post and railings. We still need to treat the decking with a sealer but I had to add some pretties to the porch until then! I love my window frame hanging from the ceiling.
I used a chalkboard window frame with the pledge of allegiance on it sitting by the door.

On the other side of the door is an old table the neighbor was going to throw out. We reattached the leg and I love it!

I have used lots of enamelware on the porch this redo. Even hung some on the front of the house.

An old glider for sitting.

We are pouring some cement for a landing off the steps. And yes, those are wire bread trays. A breadman uses what he has. We had the steps coming off the center of the porch before and with the redo we moved the steps of the driveway. Hoping more people will use the front door. It will be uncovered, but I will decorate it up by setting some chairs and something galvanized on it!!

Old Scootey is sitting at the door watching me take some photos~

Here's a few shots of the kiddos have some fun on the 4th. Sid( the boyfriend).

It was so hot that evening. They shot off most of the big stuff. Note the wheel barrel.
while we watched. This was the first yr. Mike didn't do the honors. Sid had a lot of fun doing that!

No more had we finished our fireworks and it started pouring down rain. We went in for some ice cream and cake. the big citywide was postponed until next yr. We had a fun time anyway!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Needing a Fall idea!

Ladies, I am on a "Neewollah" committee this yr. for our Huge annual fall celebration I have blogged about in the past. I am helping with the Brunch that will be attended by the Queen Candidate's themselves. I need a really cute fall name tag idea for any of you scrapebookers out there! It would be much to easy to buy the self adhesive labels and print their names on them and use those. But the chair person wants me to come up with a cute idea to maybe pin on the ladies. I am coming up with nothing so far. Any help out there? Anything pumpkin? Fall? But would have to have room for their names to be printed on them. I have been scouring google for ideas and I'm blank~ Thanks!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fourth of July Decor and a Makeover

This is an old cabinet I made over. It was a freebie. I was tag saling and I went to turn the suburban around in a culdisack and this was sitting out by the road! I hauled it home and...

sanded it down. I always for get to take a before picture of my projects until in midway into them.

All I really had to do was pull out the old ugly shelf paper someone had placed inside the drawers and cabinet area. As I was pulling the paper off. I could just hear the old cabinet breathe again~Ahhhhh, it said.
I flat blacked it and scuffed it up after the paint dried. I have it sitting in the entryway of my front door. I have had to move the two auditorium chairs out to my potting shed for now. I'm just running out of room~

Didi a little tweaking around the fireplace mantle yesterday for the 4th! Added an old American tea stained flag and some white enamelware along with some flags in the crock.

I tried another old flag on the table as a covering and I love it!

Went out and bought some black cat firecrackers and made up an old label on the computer. I even placed some in the big wooden bowl.

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!