Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A weekend at the lake

We enjoyed a fun weekend at Grand Lake in Grove Ok. My uncle has a home there and my moms side of the family goes down every yr. for a get together! My daughter Taylor and her boyfriend Sid spent sometime on the wave runners!
Smile at the camera!!

Those wave runners turn out great hair dos!!
Time spent just hanging out!

Late one night we took a couple of the little kids ( and big kids) to a water park. These two had too much fun. I didn't think they were even going to get wet again. I think they had more fun then the little ones!

Daddy Daniel and little Daharmonie playing in the water!

By the end of the weekend even Uncle Elton's dog Max was tuckered out~

Here are a few of them getting the grills ready for a big country breakfast! That's my brother Shawn at the far right in the blue shirt.

We always have alot of time to sit around and visit. A few moments after this, my cousin Kathy in the pink, Aunt Marilyn in the blue and Aunt Wanda in the pink sitting began to sing. That happens alot in our family.

Taylor and Sid spitting sunflower seeds at each other

Cousin Tammy frying up some hash browns for breakfast. Her family is the host of this event. They work very hard getting ready for all of us to descend on them for the weekend! She has a beautiful boat she always has available for us all to ride in.

The kids, their all growing up. Chelsea my niece, Sid, Taylor's boyfriend, Taylor, my daughter, Brooke my other niece and TyLynn my cousins daughter.

HOw'd that happen? Oh their just so cute I thought I'd show them again?

The family slaving over the hot grills! My hubby in the gray shirt and hat. Cousin Tim and his wife Terri. We had a great time. It was hot, but we all enjoyed ourselves. Some of them camp out. We always head to town to our motel room. Ruffing it to me is a Motel 6 with black and white TV! I like my air condition and a shower to much for the camping side of it. Town is about a 15 min. drive so it's not to bad. Thanks Uncle Elton for a great weekend!!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Now THAT looks like a fun, family gathering!!!

TheRustyThimble said...

Hello Dawn I used to go to that I live at Texoma. It is beautiful there where you were in the pictures. What great fun!! I enjoyed reading your blog