Friday, June 11, 2010

The decorating is almost done!!

OMG! What a few days I have had. Nancy and I have had so much fun playing in the barn the past couple days. we are exhausted but it like we said today, it is a BIG highlight of our summer. This is the front of the barn. The office entrance.
Right beside the entrance where everyone will enter is this big old pickup we came up with after a few phone calls! Love the colors! Note the saddle on the side and the chalkboard in front with a wedding message to the new couple.

This is the entrance they will use Sat. evening. I used old shutters and I borrowed the gunnysack with geraniums and a flag from someones new blog! I wrote Welcome to Rutland Horse Ranch on an old chalkboard to greet everyone.

I love how this turned out. It's not the best pic. Ill try to take a better one Sat. night of the back of the truck where the drinks will be served. The old window frame is chalkboarded Just Hitched Abby and Bryan! Loving the saddle on the side of the truck.

Beside the truck is going to be the cups and sugar for the tea. Iced down water in the tub!

This is a grouping in front of some of the stable. Oh, the horses will be in their stalls right there by the guest! It's so cool to hear them whinny and snort around.

Now this is going to hold the wedding and grooms cake. The ladies went out early this morning and picked almost a whole van full of wildflowers! Sunflowers, queen anns lace, wild lilies. Just beautiful Kansas wildflowers.

We displayed quilts all the way down the stalls behind the wedding party's tables. Some more flowers and hay bales. I haled more hay bales than I can remember and Guys! I applaud you for those hot summer days in a field tossing those around! Oh my gosh!

We had a cinder block wall right behind the flatbed trailer which we will serve the buffet food from. So a few ladies hung quilts from this wall and we added some country treasures.

Threw in a screen door and a few bed rails. We had tons of geraniums in bushel baskets.

Loving the wash tubs with ferns. Most of this stuff came from my yard. I still can't believe I have all of this and still my yard looks full. People where so nice to offer their flowers and the comments we have gotten from different folks coming in to look has just been incredible. They comment on how hard we have worked. It has been hard and so hot but it has been so fun!!! Nancy and I worked so well together and bounced ideas off each other. It really gets those creative juices going when you have someone Else's eyes to create with. Nancy is so talented with her decorating. We both have the same taste in style.

Love this setting with the saddle on the fence behind the hay with another window pain chalkboarded. Tag sale find last week for $5. Wrote a cute little saying on there. Really used the American flags I stain up.

This is a setting up high above the cinder block wall. It hides the air conditioning stuff.

Another little area in front of some stales.

This is the gift table. On the table and bales of hay I can see gifts for the new couple. Nancy had a great idea to place pictures of the couple on an old clothes rack pined with mini clothes pins on twine. The guest can walk in drop off their gifts and take a gander at the couple as children.

This little setting is a favorite of Nancy and I. It hides the silo and grain tubs. We loved the saddle and the old American flag on the metal chair!

Now we are not a fan of the scary white trees but the grooms mom thought we needed more lighting by the dance floor. After dark I think they will be a pretty addition but I wasn't digging them in the daylight. They will serve popcorn in the old wash tub new the dance area.

This is the stage where horse auctions where held yrs ago in the Rutland Horse Ranch Barn, go check out the web site to see the barn in her younger days. Guy Ray Rutland the grandfather of my daughters boyfriend built this awesome barn I think holding 148 cement floor horse stalls. This barn and rancher was nationally known for his breeding and training of Quarter Horses and now is youngest son Jeff is carrying on this family business. Its really an amazing story and legacy!! This is where the DJ will be stationed.

Another small setting near the dance floor. Well I just wanted to send a few pics to you all before the dance Sat. night. I will try to get a few more of the lights tomorrow night and the tables set up. Its really been a transforming process. The owners Jeff and Laurie Rutland have been so gracious to accommodate the family to whatever we needed to decorate. It is after all still a daily business they are running with all of us running around there with the horses and dust. Jeff teased us many times today about the decorating of the barn and all the flowers. We told him once if he left the 4wheeler parked there too long we'd pop a flower there beside it and hand a bandanna from it! Jeff and Sid ( Taylor's boyfriend have worked their tails off helping us get this reception going and have been so generous! We'd love to see some business come their way maybe for all they have done. So if you need a new quarter horse for your barn give Jeff a call and visit his web site. It is amazing!!!! More pics to come tomorrow with all the glitts!!!!!!


The Crafty Crow said...

This is so cooooool!! Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing. What a memory this will be.

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Everything looks wonderful. Can't wait to see more.

Cedar Creek Primitives said...

You did an awesome job decorating! I can't wait to see more pictures!

Cheyenne said...

WOWSA! I just found your blog and have been reading about this amazing barn you hosted a dance in. It looks awesome......I'm loving your blog so far!

Thanks for sharing some of your life!

(I'm going to snitch some of your ideas for a family gathering we are having soon!)