Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

I guess it's been awhile since I last posted. I have just been busy wrapping up the final days of school. I spend so much time running my 15 yr. old daughter around. 5:30 am, yes am, cheerleading practice. wow, that's early. Six more days of school for me. Only 3 more for her. a new policy was adopted a few yrs ago. If you maintain an A-B and don't miss more than 3 days of school all yr. you can skip finals, so she should get out a few days early!! Good girl!
Last weekend I got an idea to place a few of my screen doors on my back porch. I just stood them up on the walls of the porch and secured them with screws.
I like the looks of them. Just plain old screens!

This is my favorite one. I love the old gingerbread decor of it.

I love my hanging bed my husband made for me last yr. for my birthday! The sun shines onto the porch in the evening.
I also thought of taking down the picket window boxes I have had up there since we built the potting shed. I had some chicken feeders and thought those would be perfect there.

this one is my favorite! I love the wire onto. I just screwed them to the wall. Ok, my husband did. I told him one evening after work. I have a little project. He said does this involve me? Well yes, of course!

We planted yews here yrs. ago when we added on the car lift onto the husband garage. That is what is in the tall part of the building. The yew shrubs had just gotten overgrown and looked bad. I bought some maiden grass and until it gets bigger I filled in with some junk I had behind the garage. I love the movement of the maiden grass.

Just a hanging geranium with my bells on my newly covered porch.

I've posted a picture of my water feature in the past. I just love it. You can hear it in the kitchen window.

This metal bench sits in the oval, our circle driveway.

And this bicycle and planter sits in the oval too, under the cedar tree.

And just a picture of a wooden church chair with another geranium in a bucket. Well I think we are going to get the pool opened up this weekend. It's suppose to be warm. We have had alot of rain this week. Have a great weekend everyone!


rachel said...

Your yard & gardens look great! I love the old screen doors. What a great idea!


Julze said...

I love your hangaing bed too...your yard is soooo pretty and restful. How did you do the ivy stamped image?

Raggedy Angel said...

So glad to see you are still around...I know it is a busy time of year! I am lovin' your junk as usual!
I really like the chicken feeders on the windows. Beth

At Home With Amy said...

Love your porch and your yard Dawn. Your screen doors are fabulous. I have one in my family room and I just love it. It looks like it leads to somewhere but it doesn't.
I feel for you with your 15 year old. My daughter is 14 and we have softball, cheerleading and school. We will drop softball in June and pick up volleyball. It is amazing how much energy these girls have!
Enjoy your weekend,

Shakerwood said...

Your yard looks just great! I love all the old things you have "lying around". Wish I could have a porch bed here. We just have a deck....someday I hope to cover it. Another one of those after work hubby projects!

gail said...

can i come live with you???????

Char said...

You are a girl after my own heart!!!...I MUST have a bed like that somewhere on my porches!!!...I can just imagine taking a summer time nap there!...I love everything you have done!...I'll bring the sweet be waiting for me!

rockriverstitches said...

Love your old screen doors. And all of your prim decorations in your yard!


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

What fun pictures of your porch and gardens! Love the old screen doors and the hanging bed!

Sharon -- said...

I love the pictures of your porch! I'd love to have a porch like that. And the pictures of your yard are great, too. I'd like to follow your blog, but couldn't find your list of followers. Let me know if you have one so I can add my name.

Starlight Primitives

Spice Junction Treasures said...

I love what you did with the screen doors. I never throw any of my old things away either. There's always a new use for them. I usuallly plant flowers in some of them. I have a few pictures on my blog.

Nishant said...

I love the old screen doors. What a great idea!
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Cheyenne said...

Gosh, your home looks like it's out of a magazine...I love your front porch. I could just cozy up on there with a magazine and a glass of lemonade!

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