Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Rearranging

I ran up to my craft booth yesterday and had been looking at this sale for awhile. It was $12.50 and hadn't wanted to pay that, but it just kept calling my name. You ever had that happen? I'd look in a magazine and there would be a picture spread of a whole collection of scales on an old cabniet! Or a pic of a scale on a stove board. Every once in awhile I'd just think of that darn scale, so I thought what the heck and I just went up and brought it home! I do love it, it's very slim line.
I also found this great old lantern for $5 and of course the enamel pan for $2. The other day when I was in there a new lady was moving in with her new wares and I spied this pan and thought I need to go back and take a look at her stuff!!

I did some rearranging on my newly covered porch a few weeks ago. I had this sink and cabinet on my screened in back porch because I didn't want the cabinet getting wet, but now with my covered porch I drug it out here. I love it here. Everyone uses this patio door as our entrance so it will be greatly seen. Note my new lantern!

This is a view from the other side of the patio door. I brought my chalkboard from around the back porch too. Brought up an old green metal chair . Now I only need the Sanford and Son theme song playing!!! My dad says it's beginning to look like a junk yard around here.

A few gardening tools hanging out in an enamel pan.

And yesterday only because the sun came out for awhile. I drug this table out of the entryway and put a coat of good old black paint on it. Scuffed it up and added the things back on it. It really looks good because I have a black table and chairs and a black pie safe in there also. Well the hubby took today off to have about 5 loads of chipped up asphalt delivered for the circle drive. Now he will get to play with his little red tractor again today! Taylor and I leave for San Antonio TX. tomorrow evening. A chartered bus band trip, about 75 of us. Yippee! It is suppose to be 75 degrees there compared to 45-50 here. I'll take it!


At Home With Amy said...

So many things to look at. So many things I love. Scales are a favorite of mine and I think you got a beauty there girl. What I wouldn't give to have that sink in my home. Is it functional or is it just for looks?
Have fun on your trip. Stay safe and enjoy yourself.

Jennifer said...

Love it all! I have one scale, but I'm on the search for more. I just wish I had enough guts to go all out on my porch like you have. I see some of the same stuff when I'm out searching, and think aww, I don't have anywhere for that. Then I come to blogs like yours and it clicks, should have bought that piece! :( Oh well, I'm still learning!!!! Do you have any online places that you recommend for good buys?

Enjoy your trip!

Angela said...

I love the vignettes you have made and you gave me quite a few great ideas for my items, PLUS to start hunting for when I start back yard saling..

primdoll said...

i love all your pieces, great job!!! i would love to see your whole porch!!!! i have alot of "junk" tioo outside, lol...hugs, amy♥

Nishant said...

Love it all!
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