Sunday, March 28, 2010

My First Tag Sale of the Season

I hit a pretty good one on Saturday. I have stopped at this little lady's sale before. Her son was there selling some things. The garage was packed from floor to ceiling. He had no lighting and you couldn't see anything. I noticed an old sled and pulley hanging on the far wall. Of course he didn't want to sell those. Hadn't seen much and I saw this old twin bed spring he was using for a gate to keep in his lamah, yes a lamah! I asked if the bed spring was for sale. Sure he said, 3$, sold I said! Walking back through the garage I noticed this set of tub. It was full of mason jars, sure he'd sell it too he guessed~ 8$ sold I said.

The two old rakes were so cool looking I thought. $2~sold I said.
I also found these items for $5. I love the enamel bucket. Think I see some red geraniums in it this summer! My hubby ended up buying some old car way out in his field for $50. said we'd come back this summer after it has dried up and pull it out of the weeds. So he made some good money just off of us that day!

Actually this bed frame I saw coming from Walmart the other day. This old guy who scrounges for metal and then sells it to our local scrap metal place drove by me and I flagged him down and asked if I could buy it from him. He said sure but its not a complete bed. I assured him I just wanted to set it out under a tree at my place. I offered him $5 and loaded it in the suburban. San Antonio was fun. I'm 90% sure Ill never do it again. 12 hrs one way on a bus is too much for me! We had good weather the first two days the last day at Six Flags was about 45 degrees and a wind advisory!! That was no fun. Headed home and hit Oklahoma with snow and freezing rain. Hit home at Kansas to about 8 inches of snow. Glad to be home still trying to recover~~


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Wonderful, wonderful finds...I can see red geraniums in the bucket too:)

gail said...

sooooooo jealous! you hit the best sales with the best prices!

Cindy B said...

You are like an Americcan picker..great finds!!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Wow - you hit the jackpot! Love those washtubs, what a display that will make! Hope you have a wonderful Easter, Dawn

Holly said...

I love those washtubs!!!! You find the best stuff , with the best prices I might add!!!!

Love the scale...I have 3 now and each one is a beauty!!!!

Happy Easter!

Nishant said...

I love those washtubs!
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