Monday, February 22, 2010

A little stitching...

I've been working on for my booth. I went up a few weeks ago and changed up some Americana things for my wintery items. I've sold a few pieces already! These are a couple pillows I've done.
And I made a couple more of these. They can be hung from a peg shelf as I made them with a curly wire hanger. I enjoyed making them as I watched the Olympics. I attended another parent meeting in preparation for the spring break band trip my daughter and I are taking together. I signed up as a chaperon. What have I got myself into. I am a homebody. I do not like to be away from home. I like to sleep in my own bed. I am a worrier. I do not travel well. An here I am going on a band trip to San Antonio with 54 teen agers. We do have 18 adults going. And it's a chartered bus trip! And we travel all tho the night. I keep telling myself it's just two nights on a bus and two nights in a motel. We do the Alamo, the Riverwalk, a band clinic, Six Flags and Sea World and lots of stuff in between. The daughter and her boyfriend are going, they are excited about that. They will have a blast I know! We leave March 17th. I'm hoping it will be warmer!! That I am looking forward to. I am so ready for warmer weather, at least some sunshine!!!


Tanya said...

Love your stitcheries!! I love anything Americana and love to make/design/stitch them too.

You did a wonderful job on them!

Tanya~new blogger

Laurie and Chris said...

I love them! They look great. I really need to get into doing my crafts again.