Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Trees Are Down...

but I'm leaving my winter garland up. I found some great garland after Christmas and I love the looks of it.

Well we had a great Christmas. Here are a few shoots of the wee one opening our Christmas on the Eve.

She"ll not like this pic, she loves the hat tho.

Christmas morning we all get up and meet at my parents house and open gifts in the jamas. Here are Taylor and my niece Brooke in a pile of wrapping!

My niece Chelsea has found another corner of the living rm. to open hers.

We were busily opening presents and I said" Dad, why is there a snorkle firetruck in your front yard? It seems the neighbors chimney fire had got out of hand. Quite exciting. We felt for the firemen would could not be spending Christmas morning with thier families.

Yea!!!!!!!Taylor got into the DMV and passed her book portion of the test. Now she may drive with an adult anywhere. She just snuck in because as of Jan. 01, 2010 she would have had to wait until her 17th birthday to get the divers liescnece. She is excited. Now she wantes to go to Walmart with me all the time. These slick roads has not been the best. But I have let her drive on them.

More of my garland and I found these adorable little red birds that clip onto the trees and garland. I think I bought 5 and have them all around!

Love this. I perched a few in teh cedar Charlie Brown tree. I will keep this up until it starts to look pewney.

I was suppose to have this done for Christmas but I got so busy. My mom had seen this saying and wanted it for her home. I finished it up last night.

These are a few of my favorite gifts I got for Christmas. We found the srainer and pan at a flea market and then on another trip found a matching roast. I just love them. I haven't found a place for them. I'm hoping to place them ontop of my cabniets.

More garland and red birds.

I took down the Santa underwear and left up the snowman stuff. This is outside my patio doors.

Well some winters we don't get much snow to speak of. And we have had this snow since the 25th. I'm sick of it already. Its been so bitter cold so it isn't melting much, just to refreeze and make it extremely slick for the next morning. It's hard and crunchy now and mostly it's that ugly frozen sludge. Is it to early to say I'm ready for spring? I have enjoyed feeding my birds and squirrels. My husband is in the bread bussiness and we never want for bread so I'm constantly throwing out day old stuff. The birds gobble it up!! Well the daughter went to church with the boyfriend to help with the taking down of the Christmas decorations and I need to get some things done. Still need to get the galand and lights down off the kitchen cabniets. Have a great weekend!


the primitive country bug said...

What lovely pictures of your Christmas day and decor! The greens look great!! I've been slowly taking down Christmas things but leaving the greens and snowmen out. Afterall, it is still wynter and I love to look at the greens and lights. :)
The sign you made for you mom is wonderful. I had a hard time reading the whole thing... what is the saying??
Hugs~ Birgit

Dawn said...

Brigit,thanks for stopping by.If you click on any of my pics they are magnified. But the sampler says" It's not the home I love, but all those who enter through our door." She saw it somewhere and fell in love with the saying.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hi Dawn!

Looks like ya'll had a great Christmas! I love the idea of the garland left out and LOVE the snowmen!

Wish you could send us a little of that snow. We actually are expected to have a little later this week...we're pretty excited about that!

Many blessings to you and your family for a Happy New Year!


Kitty said...

I love all your decorations! That blue bucket with the pillows is adorable and a great idea!