Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Time Is Here...

The inside of my house is somewhat mostly done. The outside still looks fallish. The sweet potato pie is in the oven, the cherry cheese cakes are chilling in the fridge and the salad is ready. This tree in the living rm has a old black hat theme. Lots of snowmen with the tall black hat topping the tree.
This grouping is to the right of our fireplace. I love to display in my collection of ice cream freezers. Some wooden candy canes drape this tree along with the candy striped snowman.

On top of the dresser in the living rm sits the snowman with a prim lantern. He sits on an old makeover stool

Thanks for the hints on the old tin taper lantern I had been looking to purchase. I found a place that still had them and I got it in the mail. Now I almost wish I had ordered two!

These couple of lazy guys sit to the left of the fireplace on another makeover stool and I just love them! A couple of sampled pillows cozied up in an old crock, next to some dried sunflowers.

I tried a pair of Santa's long johns on the front door this yr. I will have another pair in the laundry rm. but I kind of like this.

Some greenery and lights nestled up onto of the TV cabinet along with some Kansas sunflowers in a jar, a few wire baskets and a wooden house. It looks so pretty at night all light up.

This tree is in the dining room/entry way. It has a stocking full of goodies at the base of the old crate.

Many of my trees have these small coffee tags dangling from the branches. I enjoyed making them and thinking of different wintery saying to put on them.

Love them!

My old ladder is full of some of my graniteware I collect. Old Santa is here to greet anyone at the door. I placed an old screen behind the ladder and I love little trees in any crock. I wrapped some old rusty wire around the mouth of the crock to give it a prim look.

This tree is in a large crock outside my laundry rm in the kitchen. Just decorated with some old coffee stained muslin and tags. Well I need to get around and head over to my parents house here soon to help Mom. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! God love all of us that WILL be out there tomorrow shopping! Yea!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Semi-Formal Pictures

Can you say group hug! Here are some pics of the kids going to semi formal last night. Ok, I did go ahead and put up some trees and lights. It started with the mantle and it just grew! I ended up putting up all the trees with lights, no Christmas yet just a wintery scene.
They all had a great time. She said they danced the night away! Sail Away was the theme. Here is Taylor and her boyfriend Sidney.

Don't they make a nice looking couple!!

They had dinner reservations at 6:30 at a local Italian restaurant. Then onto the dance at 8:00. This is one of her best friends. They started preschool together and have remained best friends since. Love ya Whitley! and her date Evan.

He leaves on Sunday for Mississippi for a family reunion during the Thanksgiving break. She will be so sad not to see him all week. Thank God for texting hu?? What did we ever do before that!
Thanks for letting me brag.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Im looking to buy...

Does any of your ladies out there with shops have any of these candle scoops to sell me. I have been looking for one. I am wanting the taper grungy candle to go with it!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm so ready for Christmas decorating

but.. Taylor is attending a semi formal dance on Friday night and her and her boyfriend and another couple are coming over at 6 on Fri along with their parents to take pictures in front of our fireplace that is decorated for fall. Ill post pics of them!!!!
I haven't posted for awhile but I haven't been idle! I have a number of stitches made up. Last night I finished up on one of these and will make a few pillows of of them.

I took a spin off of My God Jar and made a few snack, dog treat and cookie jars to sell at school and my booth.

I have had request for some candle wraps to be sold separate at me booth so I made up a few this weeks. Along with a pillow and some candle mats. I have had the sampler done just didn't have it framed until last night.

Another stitched I have done. I like this one, maybe it won't sell and I'll keep this one! Mike was gone last night with his brother and nephew to buy a new motorcycle in Joplin Missouri. Taylor also spent the night in Joplin. Her and a best friend celebrated the friends birthday buy shopping all day. She came home with a pair of very holey jeans, a pair of Ugh boots and a very cute long gray sweater from Hollister. Anyway with them gone I got alot done last night.

I have had these table runners done for a few days too. I love the black. I think they will sell well at my booth. I have gone in and switched out the fall things for a few winter and Christmas items. It's going pretty good.

I have pulled down a few Christmas trees every time I come down from my craft room. I bought another pencil tree yesterday at Hobby Lobby for behind my dining rm table. Last yr. I used a lg and med. size pencil tree grouped together and didn't use my big Christmas tree. I really liked it. So I think I will try that again this yr.

Some of my little trees I place around my fireplace and here and there.

And then the mass of stuff I have collected. I try to hit a local downtown crafty store every yr the day after Christmas so the following yr. I have many new Christmas treasures to display! Its so fun to get it all out and think Oh I have this to use this yr!!! So after the pictures on Fri. I will begin to decorate. We are having Thanksgiving at my moms this yr. She just got new carpeting this week. And I will have Christmas at my house. Well I need to go to the grocery store and I want to start on some holiday signs. I will post the pics of Taylor and her friends for semi formal next weekend. Have a great week!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Neewollah Celebration

has come to an end. It was a lot of fun for alot of people. We had a great carnival. Taylor and her boyfriend enjoyed the rides downtown. It's right on the main street of town.
Some of my pics are in the wrong spots. This is Taylor in a police car. The cheer leaders were so cold the police man told them they could sit in the car before the parade began. She said they were arrested for being too pretty!!

The cheerleaders holding the Neewollah banner at the beginning of the Kiddie parade.

Taylor is the second one from the left in the hat.

The food stands are set up along the street of our downtown. Any kind of food you could want. The BBQ is my fav.

This is Taylor second flute from the left.

Our 68th Queen Neelah and 1st and 2nd runner ups.

This is the Doo Daah parade that is for adult entrys only. This is our dentist and her staff with thier EAT MORE KANDY signs!!

The Indep. Middle school marching in the kiddies parade. My niece is the flute with the orande bandana on her head.

Some cute kiddies on a float.

We were just playing around with my camera!!

Taylor is a freshman this yr.

Her and her car!!!!! Have a great evening!