Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just when you think

all the good tag sales are over for the season you run across one! I had slept in for once and the neighbor called and said, "get out here, theres a good one! I head out and she was right. She had saved this old chicken feeder for me for $2. But my eye caught a few more treasures!

The old black boots will be cute in the yard for $1. Love the old church chair for $1, the old small wooden box for $1, table legs he wanted $4, I think I gave him $3. The old picture frame I can make a sampler for.

Just fell in love with these two vintage bedside clocks for $3 each. The old red can is a coffee can and a couple enamelware things.

I bought all of this inside the bucket for $5. It came with lots of lids!! I rented a booth at a new consignment shop uptown late last week. The Country Calico Cat. Ill have to post some pics of it. I fell into a great booth. Actually a bigger booth that I'm sharing than a booth for one. It's #2, great location. I set it up with lots of my fall things and with the Neewollah celebration starting this coming week I hope to sell a few things. I did well with selling them at school. I ended up bringing in stuff three times there. I like the looks of my booth. I go in every so often and do some arranging. I'll see how things go through the holidays. It's $35 a month rent and 10% of sales. Well see. Well the husband is on a long weekend bike run. Left Fri. morning with several guys for a run down into Arkansas. He had called and said the leave where beautiful. He will return Sun evening. It's gorgeous weather today. The leaves in my yard are stunning, all around town they are perfect. It will look nice for the Neewollah festivities this week. Hope the rain stays away. The daughter and her boyfriend went to the play last night. It will run until tomorrow and then on Mon. the talent show and Tues. the coronation of our Queen, may local senior girls will go out for this title of Queen Neelah!! Wed. starts the down town carnival rides and many great street acts. We have a huge stage and feature many local talents and some are brought in to sing each evening. The street are lined with great smelling food vendors and on Thurs. we have a Doo Dah parade, many adults dress up to a themed parade. Fri. we have the Kiddie Parade with thousands of kids and their parents dressing up, many hours are spent on float decorations for the kiddies. And on Sat. is our Grand Parade, people coming from miles away, bands attending, it sometimes last 3 hrs.!! Our population will grow for the day from a small town of 10,000 to as many as 80,000. It's really a fun fun time for Independence. You can check us out at Well it's to pretty for me to sit here much longer. Outside is calling me and I could find tons of things to work on. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More fall signs

Well this is what has been keeping me busy. This and running the daughter around. This is my third batch of goodies I have made. I sold out twice at school and these I have made for my sister in laws beauty shop. She always lets me stick a few of my goods out there. My neighbor and another friend want to shop before I take them out to the beauty shop. I really sold the BOO signs well. I can't tell you how many of those I made.
I like to cut them out and paint one night and then stencil, sand and stain the next. It just takes that stain so long to dry. I do use a blowdryer to speed it along.

I aged some tags and wrote little things on there. I think it adds to the primness.

Oh here is my buy of the week!! I am so excited about these two platters. We have this beautiful bed and breakfast about 2-3 blocks from our home. It is called Glenclift Farms. I think in its day it use to be a dairy farms. It is a sprawling acreage of land with a huge beautiful home. Just huge. a stable and barn that I swear I could live in. Split rail fence and even a few horses. My daughter went to a halloween party out there a few yrs ago and it was decorated so awesome. It was lite up and there were kids in the loft and it was just all aglow. anyway, they had a tag sale out there sat. and I went early of course. They had these two enamelware meat platters for sale. She wanted $20 each. Well I didn't want to give that for them so I asked her bottom dollar. Well I bought 1 for $15 and got her number to see if she still had it at the end of the day. Called her back about 2ish and bought the other one for $10!! I was so excited.

Look at the great patina in the enamel. I myself have never seen big platters like this before in enamel.

I think I will really use them alot!

This was my Sat. night project. We went to the Friday night football game and it was so cold. We about froze. Great game but we lost. It was 34-34 in the final second, had to go into sudden death and we lost. Bummer. But so many people had these flannel lap blankets and I told a friend that I always sit with that I should whip us up one of those this weekend. So I did!! Our mascot is a Bulldog and I found this paw print material at Hobby Lobby. We should be a bit warmer next Friday evening. Well I'm in there making Italian spaghetti and doing laundry. I bought some boxes at Hobby Lobby yesterday and I will try to put a coat of paint on them. I also want to mow if it dries up. I love to mow. It's my therapy. Its been so damp out and its about 50 degrees and cloudy today. Well enjoy your weekend. I will have to post about our annual Neewollah celebration we have here in Independence Ks. Our town is starting to scamper around in preparation for the week of fun!!