Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wash house curtain

I finally finished the curtain in the bathroom. I don't know why I have been dreading that. I really don't like to sew with the machine. I really thought I'd do it after school started, but yesterday I just went for it. I had my sign done for a while and I wanted it up.
I took the mini blinds down. I'd like to eventually get them all down in the house. I still have them in the bedroom. I'd like to have plantation shutters like in the living room. Those mini blinds are just dust collectors.

I found this old watering ladle yesterday at a junk store for $8.50, a little more than I wanted to spend but I liked it.

And this was next to it in the same booth. Love this. These old soap dishes just speak to me when I find them!! I pd. $8.50 for it also. I put it in my bathroom.

I bought some plank boards to make a dough board for my new washer and dryer tomorrow. I'll post them later. But as I left the garage, my daughters little car was sitting out in the driveway. Her dad bought her a car this summer, now granted she is only 14 and can't even drive yet. Hasn't even gone up to take the learners permit test yet. He got a really good deal on it, so he bought it. I've been driving it here and there. Well I have a few projects to work on tomorrow. I bought a couple repurpose things to paint up and my mom bought me a old white mountain ice cream freezer in pieces that Ive got to glue the base back together and try to put back together. I'll try to post all that. Have a great evening.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A cold coke anyone

Well here was my big purchase for the weekend! Hit a tag sale and they had this old coke machine. I'm thinking they might want $50 maybe,....$10!!!!! I thought Oh, what could I do with this? Where could I put it? The guy said, it's pretty rough, you could probably look on the Internet and find parts to restore it. Na, I'll just put it under some trees and plant something in it. I left it and got home and got to thinking, I called Mike and asked him to go over and look at it if they still had it and see if we could get it on the trailer. He called and asked if I wanted it for $5! Well Yea! So he came home we loaded up the trailer and went to get it. I put it out under some trees between our property and the neighbors. Sandford and Son here I go!

I stenciled up a couple more signs. I found two of these raised panel boards and painted this one for my dining room over a window.
A few small ones.

I love my keeping room and washouse. I've only used black with country tan, but I like it so well.

And I went up to my craft room and drew out a couple pillow tops I can work on in the evenings. My summer is quickly winding down, it seems after the 4th of July it goes fast. Taylor will be having band camp for a week in a couple of weeks, I have some inservice to attend for school and before you know it I'll be back to work. I have really enjoyed my time off tho. I have stayed busy almost everyday. We will need to make a trip to the mall maybe this week to pick up a book bag for Taylor. Well I had better go for now, enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well, I'm trying my hand at stenciling? Almost a yr. ago I purchased some stencils off of eBay. I love the papyrus font. I ordered 4 inch upper case and didn't order the lower case at the same time. Stencils can be expensive!! Why? Anyway again ordered what I thought was going to be 4 inch lower case and of course that is not what I got. So I haven't opened them until this weekend. I got out in Mikes scrap pile of lumber and found me some 1x6 and painted them up black, stenciled some things with a country tan, sanded, and stained.
I made the chicken coop sign first and got it hung out there yesterday

Used my small lower case for a little something on the crate in the dining rm. I put the pantry one over the screen door leading into my laundry/pantry room, guess I forgot to take a picture of it. I'll try to get one tomorrow.

This is where the little black stool landed that I got at the tag sale. I had a few tins in my stash that I added. This all sits at my back screened in porch.

This is Scooter, my faithful puppy watching me work. She doesn't take kindly to her picture being taken. I would call her name and she would look at me like, Please do not take my picture!

I guess my pictures are out of order, but this is a little cute black mail box I picked up today for .25. It's just so small. I loved it. I walked around with it today and thought I'd put it here on my screened in porch next to the old metal chair. I need to put some geraniums in it I guess.

Speaking of geraniums. Again my pictures are out of order. But this is a little wooden folding chair, for some reason reminds my of the chairs I remember as a kid in our church basement? I love it. Found it for $1 today and it sits at the garage door with a basket. I also thought about painting the slats as a flag?

OH, so here is the picture that is out of order. Here are my goodies for today. The cute little wooden chair and on it sits two old flags for $2 each. You know it strikes my funny, how many old flags I see at tag sales. When they are old and worn it just the perfect age of a flag for me. I buy than up every time. Now not the nylon but I like the cotton one. I can find a place for every one I find out there. On the flags is the cute little black mail box I put on the back porch. And two wire baskets for $2 each. Now I really thought I had two old egg baskets but the old boy said they were baskets to pick up golf balls out at the country club? I thought they were neat. His wife said she used them by putting her onions and potatoes in them! I don't have a use for them yet as much of the stuff I buy! I keep it in my stash and then pull things out as needed. I'm not one to decorate by, OK here is an empty room go out and buy stuff to furnish it. I start by what ever I have and just add some thing here and there.

Oh, this was also a tag sale find today. I didn't take a picture of the cute little dresser but the first tag sale today said "42 yrs of accumulation" well now that is my kind of sale. She didn't have 42 yrs of stuff to me but I did see this three drawer dresser. A friend is looking for one for a porcelain sink. They wanted $25. OOH, to high. I left with the little wooden folding chair. So later on in the day I was heading over to my brothers to see how the neighbors deck,my brother and his neighbor are building and she still had that little dresser. She waved me over and said she had come down to $10 on the dresser. I said oh that was the offer I was going to make her. So I glace over and there is this cute drop leaf table with stuff piled high on it. I said oh is that for sale because it wasn't out when I was here before. Yes she had almost forgot to drag that out. What did she want for it? Make me an offer. $5? Sold!! Well I was in my little tracker, so I went on to my brothers and got his neighbor and we ran back to check out the dresser for her. Come to find out, her sink is the style that the dish drainer and sink are all one piece. So the dresser was way to small for her use. She did find some other things. Now I have no use or place for the dresser, but I couldn't leave it for $10. I can paint it up black, scuff it up and easily resale it! It now sits out in my someday shop waiting for a makeover. Along with this little drop leaf table, it's missing the other side, but if it were to be up against a wall it would work.

Last but not least, I found these on Friday at a tag sale. Bought all 7 for $10. Again I have no use for them as of yet. But when someone says, Hey I am looking for an old pop crate. I can say Oh I have one for you!!! Well its 12:23 am and I'm waiting for my daughter to come home any minute. She has been with her boyfriend and his family to a fair, parade and rodeo all day. He showed his sheep and goats. I hate when she is out late. I worry about deer on the road between here and there. Well I'll go ahead and "publish post" and read some of your blogs from today! Have a wonderful Sunday, we are suppose to have mild temps tomorrow!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

It doesn't happen often, but today there was a tag sale, starting on Thursday. My neighbor and I drove out there together. It was a pretty good one. Many of his things were not priced and so you just offered him what ever and most of the time he took it! I was interested in this bed frame. Ask him what he had to have for it? He said, $10- $5? I told him I would take it for $5. I thought the old lantern was cool and I can always use a bucket and wire basket.

The little stool he figured had been in his family for a while. I went back later in the day and bought a box of door knobs for $2.

I think this is a small light fixture, and isn't this a glass frog for flowers? I bought a roll of tickets too!? I just thought they were cute. My neighbor bought an old sled for $5. It was a pretty good one. He had a big Coca Cola cooler, you could ice down pop in but he said he really didn't want to sell it at this time, and as I was leaving I spotted an old small Coca Cola cooler, that is the one I really wanted. It is a small one with a lid. He said his father in law had given it to him and we couldn't sell it. I said well let me put my name on the bottom of them and when you do get ready, call me! He laughed! But I did hear others approach him about the coolers and he said oh that lady is first on the call list. Before I left his wife came out and she asked if I had found any treasures. I said yes that small old cooler but your husband said you weren't ready to sell it. She said yes she needed to do something with that sometime. I said, yes get it out of that garage and put it in your house somewhere, maybe with some flowers in it or something. She asked where I lived and I told her. She knew of my house, she liked all my stuff sitting in my yard. She said if they decided to sell it, she would stop by! So maybe someday!

This was a spice cabinet or something I had bought at a tag sale and I painted it up and drilled some holes in it and made a spoon holder out of it. I have been playing around with some 1x4 and 1x6 boards. I have painted a few and stenciled some saying on them. Maybe I'll post some tomorrow. I love my chicken coop one! Well I had better go for now. The daughter is in the shower. She spent the day with her boyfriend bailing alfalfa on a tracker. I just picked a tick off of her. She was so dirty when I picked her up tonight! She is exhausted, too. (Remember, princesses aren't use to hard work!) Have a great Friday!

Monday, July 13, 2009

And on his farm he had a chicken

E I,E I,O! Well I got my chicken coop home the other night. Man was it ever heavy, it about didn't even fit in the back of the truck. We went home very very slow! Got it home and I wanted sat next to my little someday shop. Of course, I couldn't leave it naked for very long so I started looking around my stash of "accessories"
I brought in some galvanized buckets and scoops, some pots and plants! I need to get some hay to stuff in the slanted roosting compartments. And when it gets cooler I want to replace that tin roofing with some old barn galvanized tin I have in the attic of the garage! It's all rusty!

This chicken coop I got a couple yrs ago at a tag sale, the hubby put it on a stand and it sits out by the (Used to be) playhouse, (now) pool house. I've got some nesting in there. It seems to be a favorite hang out for the cat.

The hubby re roofed this in some shingles we had left over.

The old hose reel and cooler I've picked up this summer sits out at the pool steps.

More signs that chickens might actually live here! This feeder sits out by my new old glider swing under a tree.

Another feeder for the fouls! Have a great week ladies!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Make overs and tag sales

I found these three great crocks with lids on them at a tag sale. Remember, someone had painted a fall scene on them and I scratched it off. I put some old prim labels on them and have them on an old dishwasher made right here in Independence. Ks.

I finished my pledge of allegiance on the flag. I love how it turned out. I went to Wal Mart and bought a few more flags to work on today maybe.

These are a few of my goodies from the tag sales this weekend.

My strawberry basket I found at a junk store, $12

The Christmas tree goes in the garage until needed$2.50, the bandannas I have used for the fourth of July around clay pots and my overalls I have draped over my bicycles in the yard.The old mail box I thought I'd put some flowers in out in the yard somewhere. The old crate was $2. I loved it as soon as I saw it!

The cute little brown bowl I got for a buck, the round wooden plate was also a buck, I'll paint it up. The little black stool was $2, and the craute cutter I pd $5 for. I found alot this weekend. The hubby bought an air conditioner that came out of a motel. It has heat and air for $100. for my little shop. I think that is going to be an early fall project. Additional plug ins, peg board, and adding all my screen doors and barn wood. I told him the other day, the computer room wouldn't be so cluttered if I had my little shop finished! Just to find the time. Well it is so hot, I just cleaned the pool a little bit ago and I'm thinking about taking full advantage of it and going for a swim. It's to hot to do anything else outside! Happy Sunday.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Pledge Allegiance

Well our motor in the blower part of our central air went our two days ago, and yes we are under a heat advisory! And Mike was out of town! Last night it was 83 degrees in here. Ugggg! But the air guy got it fixed about 2:15 and we are resting at a cool 72!! I kept all the blinds closed, ceiling fans going and if you just sat in front of a fan it was so so. So I decided to get a couple samplers done. I have so enjoyed and got so many comments on my jar of flags on my kitchen table, that I wondered what a flag would look like with the pledge of allegiance stitched on the white stripes. So I am in the middle of that. I am liking it too.
I stitched up a couple of these for some pillow tops. I bought some pretty homespun material way before the Fourth and haven't done anything with it. So I finished these up and primed them today. Coffee stained a few more flags.

And hit a couple tag sales this morning. I found these three crocks with lids for $5, now they had this (ugly) painting on them so I soaked them awhile and used a razor blade to scrape it off. I think I'm going to put a prim label on each one. Found another crate today for $3 and at one sale I bought a galvanized bucket, a big old strainer, a board to prim up as a candle board, none of it was marked and I walked away paying .45! I know! Oh, my neighbor called the other night and wanted to know if I was interested in a chicken coop! Well YEA! It was a patient of hers and she said I could have it, but my neighbor said she was having a hard time making her bills. She has stage 3 cancer. We took her dinner and I pd her $20 for the coop. I didn't bring it home as my husband was away on a business trip with the truck. I will pick it up this weekend and I think I know right where I want to put it. I'll post a picture of it as soon as I get it home! Happy tag sailing tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finally, a water feature...

I have been wanting a water feature for many yrs. Didn't know where to begin, what I needed. I bought this long galvanized tub at a junk store and knew this is what I wanted to use. Now it's not where I actually want it, but until the hubby digs me electrical out in the yard, I decided to put it on my deck. I do like hearing the water from the deck and my back porch.
We worked a couple nights on the pump feature. I had plastic tubing ran up the pump and it wasn't working, so Mike wielded some pipe up the pump and the tubing connects to the base of the pump. It works for me. I ran to WalMart a few minutes ago and bought some plants.

I may tweak it alittle more as needed.

To hide the pump filter I had a washboard in the flow of the water, but it kept drifting and I thought about that roasting pan I bought this weekend at a tag sale and I like this, I think.

I guess I didn't get a good picture of the galvanized wash tub hanging above the feature of the house. I may tweak that ,too. But so far I think it is something I'm going to enjoy. Well the daughter is at volleyball camp this week in the mornings along with her cousins. I'll be leaving to pick her up in a minute. I think I will mow today, (my therapy!) Enjoy your Tuesday!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Red Hot Finds on Friday

I did good today! You know it's best just not to go out with high expectations. That usually is a good rule of thumb for me. Didn't have any today and I came home with a suburban full. The first sale I hit this morning I went a little early not thinking they wouldn't even be open and I top the hill and I see cars! I knew the gal and her sister has the same taste in decor as I do. So I knew then I might be in luck. I was right. The little school desk caught my eye right off, not knowing what I would do with it, I looked at the price and for $1 I didn't think much harder. The hanging baskets will work perfectly for fly screens, take a little hardware off and they are already black! The two unfinished pieces I will paint up, and the little red tin is a Brothers Sewing container. Pd $2, a bit high but the desk was only a buck!! The egg crate I pd $5 for, a little high but the desk was only a buck!!
Another good shot of the egg crate. And now for the galvanized goodies. I have said it a million times. I love anything galvanized! I went through this little town on my way to Bartlesville and this little lady was having a sale. I have been to hers before, kinda high, but she always has great stuff. She used to own a junk store next to her house but it all burnt down. Well her son was there today, she has been ill. I bought three chicken feeders and the old milking can for $8! My fav is the square feeder. I may try to hang it from a fence.

I thought the other day I would try and find another chalk board to sit out by my laundry lady and outside the garage of the first tag sale was this chalk board with a $1 tag on it!! I'll need to repaint the chalk board and it will be perfect. The two old rakes I got for $1 each and the galvanized roasting pan was .50! I also found two old flags for .50 each, why would she sell them they are perfect out on a couple of my old bikes. I have no idea what I pushed to make the font different and I can't find where to change it, but I kinda like it!! I also found a huge bag of (ok) bath towels for the hubbys garage rag drawer. $1 for the big bag. Well there was no paper tonight, and I guess no new tag sales in the morning. Kind of a waste of a perfectly good Saturday! I think I'll sleep in and play with some of my new treasures. I still need to post a pic of my sink on the deck and I painted Taylor three cork board frames for her headboard, but I haven't hung them up yet. I hate the idea of hanging things. I know right now, there is not going to be a stud where I need one to be. Uggggg! Have a safe and fun Fourth of July wherever you live!!!!!!!!