Saturday, June 27, 2009

Great tag sale finds and border

Well my post pictures are a little mixed up tonight, please bare with me. I got my bathroom border up last weekend and I love it! It's a Billy Jacobs barn prints. I ordered it from I love this company. I've ordered from them alot. It had been back ordered, but I finally got it in the mail.
I got everything placed back on my cabinets and all my galvanized back on the walls.

I'm very pleased with my shower curtain. I still need to make a curtain at the window. I had a tag sale this weekend. I picked the hottest weekend of the yr.! Triple digit this weekend with hardly no breeze. I just about died out there. Got rid of alot, but it was too too hot. I had many people who wanted to go in and see all my treasures. I had fun doing that!

I had my sale Thurs. and Fri. evening mainly because I didn't want to miss a Sat. rummaging. I'm glad I didn't, I would have missed out on this great find. I have been looking for a glider for awhile. This is from a local lady who had a great business and has been liquidating her things a little at a time for awhile. I hit her Christmas sale and found alot. I got this for $38 and a friend was there and got a double wash tub. Those too are hard to find. We were the only two there. We went early and luckily she was open early!

These are a few more things I found there. The green tall shelf I pd.$4 and will prim it up in black. The chippy oval frame I got for $3. It's very nice. The old spoon was $1 and the tins were a nice .25-.50 I will add them to my icebox display! Sorry, I left a minute, the neighbors were setting off a nice display of fireworks!!!

See this is where the mix up on my picture downloading happened. I quickly made a little mat for the back of the toilet.

And I found another brush this weekend to add to my wash bucket. I am beat from my sale. Today Mike and I hit a few tag sales. Oh I found a cabinet for my porcelain sink, I'll post it another day! today I put my garage back together. I always have to remove alot of things I don't want to sale from the peg board in the garage. You know all the seasonal decor that hang there. I've collected alot of shutters and wooden crates. So I put them back in their spots. Oh it was hot!! and I am beat. Have a great Sunday.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Primmed up the laundry room

Ok, this has been one of my inspirations for my new look in my laundry room. I love the washboards and old laundry hanging up.
This is a few of my new enamelware that I placed on the kitchen counter.

I switched out my bright bowls for some old crates, jars, stitchery, and of course the enamelware! Because of my new purchases this weekend, I added a few more pans up on the wall. I still enjoy my whisk broom valance.

The refrigerator containers all have lids on the top shelf, goodies from this weekend!~Some of my labels and wire racks I've bought at tag sales~

I'd love to try a paint technique on the cabinets to make them look old and all chipped up . I did add a brown glaze around the edges awhile back.

My washer and dryer are white and the wall paper is white, but the bottom wall paper looks like an old picket fence. I've picked up several old washboards lately and I have an old sleeve ironing board to the right hanging on the wall. Well I've been working on a small tag sale for myself this week and of course it is 99 degrees!! I usually don't wait this late to have mine, but we worked on my moms for a couple of weeks. I'm pretty much set up in the garage. I need to go through the pool/play house in the morning to see what I've stashed in there over the winter! Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Pile of Enamelware

Hello Ladies, this was my centerpiece I made on Sunday. We had a Father's Day get together of homemade ice cream and cake with family and friends. I had bought this old jar at a tag sale and a friend said she would put flags in it, so I made up a label and primed up some flags and here it is!
Now I have said it before, I cannot, cannot pass up enamelware. Well on Sat. in the pouring down rain I hit a sale and she was selling almost all of her collection of enamelware! I bought all she wanted to sell, about 20 pieces for $50. I was shaking as I paid her I was so excited! I went right home and started playing with my new toys!

I loved the measuring pitcher and all the refrigerator pieces had matching lids. I got several sizes of pans

and I love the baby bathtub!! I bought some other goodies on Sat. too that I haven't taken pics of. The weather was rainy on and off and I more than once thought about going on home and calling it good. But later on in the day the sun came out and it ended up a great day!! I have pics of were I placed all my new pieces but as I have said before I can't figure out how to download more than 5 pics per post. Ill show you another post then!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

No Fishin Allowed

Well this is our fishing hole, or as the Clampits called it their cement pond! I have a fishing theme going on out here. It started with an oar. It used to get so hot up here without some protection and we had some home from Branson one weekend and had seen some decor like this and thought that's what we wanted.
In one weekend we built the slanted roof with a corrugated roof and added the rope and pulleys. Lots of crates and nets.

I love the galvanized water jugs and fishing traps. We even have a rope to swing off into the water!

Love my big pulleys and nets!

And of course the boat I found last summer. I planted maiden grasses around the perimeter. I love to go out in the evenings and read. We enjoy the pool alot!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Red, White and Blue

I thought I'd take picture of my pool. I think I got my boat added late in the summer and not sure if I have posted it before. I looked and looked for a boat last summer to add to my fishing shack theme and I found one right under my nose. Mike and I rode around on Sunday evenings driving through alleys and rough neighborhoods looking in peoples back yards for an old boat they might want to get ride of for my yard. we came up with nothing and my sister in laws mom and dad had one they were using as a wind break in a car port area! It was just perfect. We secured it with old pulleys and added nets, oars, baskets and a life jacket. Maybe I'll go out and take some pics and have a whole post on my pool. I love to go out there and read in the evenings. I was mulching tonight and it was so sultry, when I was done I sat in the swing to cool down and I thought what am I doing here? I'm going for a swim clothes and all! The current of the water is set so high that it's like a lazy river and you can lift your legs and just be taken around and around the whole pool! We have a couple of bats in the treetops around the pool area and they dart around your head at times, recently I have heard the owl that lives in the big sycamore tree!
I went junkin alittle today found a few things. Got the stool for $7.50 I may paint it black. The old washboard and galvanized bucket I only paid $1 each for but they are pretty rough, but good enough for my purposes. The material I got at Hobby Lobby and I want to make some pillows for my back porch. The material in laying in a big wire basket $6.50. It's pretty good size. The bread box was only $1 and the enamelware was $3, can't pass that stuff up!! There is a little step stool under the flat enamel ware I got for $3, I have several, they are cute tucked here and there. And the old bucket has some geraniums from HL. My sister in law was admiring my geraniums in a claypot on my front porch so I made her up a couple of pots for her porch. I ran over tonight and placed them on her porch and just left. She called later and said she went out to get the paper and found them! I think she loved them.

I coffee stained some flags from walmart the other day. Took them from the stick and painted the sticks black, hot glued them back on. I placed a few in the old cabinet on my back screened in porch and a few in the meat grinder hanging from the table top. I made the wreath down on the floor with an old flag and a rusty star but haven't found a place for it yet. I tried it on my front porch but didn't like it.

I put a couple in a watering can next to my wonderful old TG&Y basket( I bought for my husband) I love the red white and blue together! Next time I get to Walmart I will buy some more flags. I placed a couple on my mantle of the fireplace too!

Well I had a pretty good day, this evening it was so hot and I decided to put some mulch down in those darn flower beds. Sometimes I think why did I ever make those beds so large. They are so hard to care for. I hadn't added new mulch for several yrs. I had bought some several weeks ago and it has been stacked out by the garage. the other night they had it on sale at Orshlands and I got more. I was out there buying more dowel rods for more firecracker. I have so enjoyed making those. I'll have to post some of those. I tied some up in bundles and I love them!! Anyway, I mulched all my beds tonight and just yesterday had my neck and back popped back into place. I feel so much better! Have a great Thursday ladies!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Goodies

This is a child's chalkboard I bought at a tag sale for $3. I brought it home and primed it up and repainted it with chalkboard paint. I thought I could put it out front when I get my little shop open!
The tall white lattice came from my parents neighbors house. They are putting on a new porch and these are the lattice trim under the porch. They had these beauties in the trash pile. I said oh I have to have those. Can you believe they were more that glad to help me load them!! The little green shutter I pd. $2 for this morning at a tag sale.

These stacking boxes I bought at Hobby Lobby on sale a while back and painted them up and added a few old labels I have. I was going to do a This And That, but I like this so well!

These are my buy of the day!!! My old shutters for $10. for 5!! I'm really proud of those. I put those in the suburban and thought Oh, who could I call and share my great finds with! Today this lady stopped by my moms rummage sale who must have the same taste as I do in old things. Every time I see her at a sale before me I think Oh she probably got all the good stuff. Today I told her that and she said Oh I think that about you too!! We laughed. I thought she might be a shop owner somewhere in another town, she isn't. She just likes old things too. She asked where I lived and I told her and she said oh I have drove by that house and wondered if you didn't live there. I asked where she lived and she told me and I said Oh I love that old place and always wondered who lived there!! I think I made a new friend today. She said well Ill see you around at the next tag sale just hope I get there before you!!!!We had a great laugh. Well mom made almost $900 today. I know, just with her clothes and junk. You think why don't we just throw that away now instead of later and here comes someone to buy it. She had nothing we would like, just cutesy stuff and tons of clothes, but hopefully we won't have much left. It can go to the curb, we gave almost all of our free stuff away today. Had a bunch of pots and pans and mismatched lids and bowls and odds and ends. My mom did more PR (public relations) than work today. Every time dad would come out of the house, we would send him to help someone to their car with their bags. He suddenly had somewhere to go! Well I need to be over there at 6:15 so I better get to bed! Have a great tag sale day!

Tag sale finds...

Well Mom and I have been working on a tag sale for her for this afternoon and on Sat. We are suppose to open about 12:00 but a severe thunderstorm is approaching right now and we may have to hold off for awhile. This morning I got up early and hit a few and found a great many treasures. I got the little aqua step stool for $2 and the grapevine with garland and the old crate got thrown in with the 5 OLD SHUTTER DOORS!!! I bought for $10. They are out by the garage to be washed off but I'm just thrilled about those. No sure what I'll do with them but thinking somewhere in my little shop, maybe hang a few from the ceiling? There is a tablecloth in there somewhere I got for $1.
These I got the other morning, can't remember if I posted them or not, sorry if I did. But I pd. $1 each for the washboards and one of them is glass! I spent some time in some flea markets at the lake this wk.end and I saw some glass for $12- 25 so I think I got a pretty good deal. Beside they belonged to one of my moms dear friends and they belong to her grandmother. So she knew I would take good care of them and display them justly! Well I had more pics to upload buy I'm having a little trouble and don't know why. But I don't have a lot of time to sit and figure it out right now. I have a couple more repurposes I have worked on this week. Well once it quiets raining Ill head over to moms and start pulling things out. Everything is marked and some is on tables in the garage. Yesterday we had a few ladies mom had told about the sale stop over for a pre sale on some of her clothes. My mother has a problem with clothes. She sold clothes still with the tags on them. She has tons of clothes in all different sizes. Yesterday she made almost $200 just on clothes sales without being officially open. If the weather straightens out this afternoon for us, she should do well. She has a great location too. Lots of traffic. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Great Family Retreat...

Well we had a great weekend on the lake at my Uncle Elton's home. The weather was perfect in the high 80's, sunny and a cool breeze! The food was good and so plentiful! Here is my cousin Tammy's new boat being brought into the dock.
Tammy is actually letting cousin Mike at the helm!! I bet he had a key made for it before he left. No, actually I bet he has one for himself before next reunion!

The weather was just beautiful and we all got a little sun on us! Here's cousin Tony from Texas and my niece Chelsea and boyfriend Austin( remember the prom pics) and my mom enjoying a spin around Grand Lake!

Some more cousins sitting on the dock catching up.

My sister in law with her daughter Brooke and my daughter Taylor catching some rays this morning before loading up to come home. Many of my aunts and uncles bring their dogs. They are always fun to watch get reacquainted! Only one fight broke out amongst the canines! Tammy had a new puppy who was fun, Bella kept finding sticks and running around thinking she had stolen them from everyone! We had homemade biscuits and gravy, sausage, eggs, sandwich stuff, BBQ chicken and every salad you could think of. Snicker cake, Paula Deen''s Orange brownies, homemade molasses cookies( to die for, we kept hiding then so everyone wouldn't eat them!) homemade sweet breads, brownies, and wine coolers!!!! When my moms family cooks, after a meal it looks like another family could some in to eat again! We always overcook for a gathering. My mom is the youngest of 16 kids. 13 survived adulthood and so many are gone now but we have such a large number of cousins and in laws that it's always a crowd! We had a fun fun weekend and we came home just dog tired, but anxious to do it all over again next yr. Got my laundry started and the suitcases put away for awhile. Mike and I hit the pool after we got home and then went for a motorcycle ride tonight. We have the prettiest wheat and corn fields around here. It was just picture perfect. I'll have to take a picture one of these evenings from the bike! Well it will be so good to sleep in my own bed tonight. Last night Chelsea's boyfriend Austin decided he would stay at the lake with us overnight, so we split our motel rms into girls and boys. Us girls rms were a little crowded and we didn't get to good a night sleep so tonight I will sleep!!!! Have a great Mon. Mom and I are still working on her tag sale for Fri and Sat. oh she has so much stuff. We have only tackled the attic and the garage is already full.!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bathroom is almost finished...

Almost. I love how the distressed paint looks. I keep finding old bottles to add vintage labels on. I still need to find some door pulls. I found drawer pulls for the vanity. I added the white enamelware to accent the black.
My husband found the old doctors bag almost a yr. ago, not really having a great place for it I kept it and now I love it up on the cabinet above the toilet. More old bottles and vintage labels. I added vanilla colored water to the bottles.

For my lighting I am on the look out for three different old globes. This may be a difficult task. I need to just get the measurements and carry them with me and when I find a globe at a tag sale, see if it will fit. I want three different little globes on each light fix.

The pitch fork may go above the window or I may try to use it as a window treatment? I'm waiting for Kruenpepper Creek Gifts to restock their Billy Jacobs Barn Border and I will order that and put it up in here!! I went with cream rugs, and I still have frames sitting on the floor waiting for some inspiration.

I still have a remnant of material up to the window. It is a coordinating material to the shower curtain I ordered but I don't know yet if I will make a valance or full curtains. Well I wish I could have waited until it was finished but I wanted you to see what I have been working on! I will give updates as I get things accomplished!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home safe and sound...

The world travelers made it home safe and sound. Thier flight was delayed by bad weather and they got home alittle after 1:00am. We stayed up till almost 3, talking and looking at her pictures. She slept till 5:30 the next day!! Mike slept till 10 am. and my hubby is an early riser. They had a great time, seeing too much in such a short time was the only complaint. They both would go back in a minute they say! Here they are in front of the White House. There were protesters near here that had some very graphic posters about treatment of prisoners. That really bothered Taylor and has stuck with her. She did spot Mr. President once!!
I thought this was cute! Here she is holding the Washington Monument!! It was cool and rainy most of the days. Mike did alright on his leg. I'm back to laundry everyday, back to having to fix supper everyday, and I'm just again now able to get my time on the computer!! THEIR BACK!!

I hit pay dirt again this past weekend on old treasures!! Not much at the tag sales, but I needed to go to Hobby Lobby in Bartlesville and on the way they were having a prairie days tracker pull and flea market. I thought everything was so high. enamelware tubs were 10-15 $. Many treasures I have picked up for a little of nothing they wanted and arm and a leg for. These two beauties, the guy wanted $20.00 each!! Now I thought there is no way I would pay that. I had picked up two horse brushes (you can see in the washroom bucket) for $2.00 each right before spotting these. I picked up the soap trays and looked at them. He said oh you could take those to canton tx. and get twice for that. I said well, I wouldn't be reselling them, they would just go into my bathroom at home. I started to put then down and he said, well I could make you a deal on both. I thought well probably not the kind of deal I'm thinking. He said how about 20.oo for both? Hum! I said how about 20.00 for the two trays and the the two brushed? He took it! Yea, I brought them home!!

This old basket I bought on my way out of town at a tag sale for 5.00 and then I stopped by a flea market that is going out of business. 50% off everything but I still would not pay that price for most of thier stuff. But I spotted this old TG&Y basket! My husband was a TG&Y assistant manager while we were dating. He started as a stock boy and made his way up into management right before we married, so I knew he would love this!! I thought we could put paper plates in it on the 4th of July!

Here's a pic of the two horse brushes I bought. I like them in the old bucket!! Well the hubby is home tomorrow. I'm hoping to get him to replumb the gas grill from a tank to the gas line we already have near the grill. He bought a converter kit a few wks. ago and I just ran out of gas in the tank the other night. I grill quite a bit. Friday we leave for Afton Ok. to a yrly. family getaway to my uncles house he has on the lake. We all bring foods and enjoy boating, wave runners and swimming. It was suppose to be camping, when we started this, but my mom , myself and my brothers family believe roughing it is a motel 6 with black and white tv!! So we always make motel reservations in town and about bedtime head for the nice clean shower and clean sheets with that nice air conditioning. We will head home on Sunday afternoon. Well had better get to bed, Taylor has started cheer leading practice and conditioning at 6:00 am and I have to get her there. Have a great Wednesday!!