Monday, March 30, 2009

Finally got my noodle board..

I have been wanting a noodle board forever. We went to Lowes a few wks ago and bought the board. Last Sunday we told me to drag the board out in the garage and show him what I wanted. I had been saving pictures of many of yours and sketched out kind of what I wanted. He then cut it out. I took the scrapes and cut out some candle boards from the scrapes all by myself with the jigsaw.

I so want to master those tools. He has every tool know to man. Scrollsaws, miter saw, skill saws, sanders, most of them on stands. He has a great collection, I just hate having to depend on him to cut something for me. I see so many things I want, benches, stools, shelves... that I know if I wasn't so fearful of them I could do all this myself. Maybe this summer I can just go out there and play around. Anyway, I brought in the boards and painted them up that night. I still need to spray a matte finish on the noodle board. But I love the look of it on my stove. I had thought all along I would stain it to match my cabniets, but I kinda like it black to match my stove. The little candle boards will look good around the house too! Well we are expected to get a thunderstorm tonight. Snow this weekend and now this. Thanks to all who left sweet comments about my beatuiful niece. We are very proud of her. I shared pics all day at school today. Have a great week!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well just let me brag..

on my absolutely beautiful niece and her handsome boyfriend! I said, it's like introducing Barbie and Ken!! This is Chelsea's first prom as a sophomore and Austin is a senior. Don't they just look perfect. Austin picked her up at our house to take pictures in front of the fireplace. There my SIL Dana is helping put on the boots to get to the car. Yes, of all nights it started snowing early afternoon. Last weekend was perfect and next weekend is suppose to be in the mid 60's. But prom was early this yr. We went and huddles in the entry way of the hall to watch them come in. Freezing!, but so worth it! She was so beautiful. I said, to be that pretty at 16, WOW! Well we peaked in and everyone looked like they were having a great time dancing! What fun, the two younger girls Taylor and Brooke were so interested in all glamor. They can't wait until it's their turn. Well, thanks for letting me gush about her. She is beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside. Have a wonderful night Chels.!

We were suppose to wake up to snow..

this morning but it didn't some in until early afternoon. I pulled in what few geraniums I had potted. But I'm concerned about my lilac, peonies, and all the things in my flower beds. We are predicted to get 3-6 inches. But later on in the week we are to see 50- 60's. Go figure this Kansas weather. This morning I did a little tweaking around the kitchen. Added some enamelware up on the shelf above my kitchen window with my pitchfork. Then I painted up some of the TS cutting boards to be put in a cheese box on my window sill. Well my niece is coming over here with her prom date to take pictures in front of the fireplace. Yes, can you believe it a prom in the snow. And yes, it is early, too early. Ill post pics later of the prettiest prom date ever!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The winner of my 100th post giveaway is...

Juanita, at It's Harvest Time! Congradulations, to you. I will be emailing her to get an address to get the goodies out to her. Thanks again to all of you wonderful ladies who have helped me since I've been blogging and for those of you that have stopped by to visit and share ideas with us all. It's been so much fun! It's opened up a whole new world for me to share with ladies who I have alot in common with. Dawn

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Well it was my last day of spring break before heading back to work. It has been a great break too! We had a list of things to get done and I think we accomplished it!! This morning I skipped out early and was sitting at my favorite flea market when the doors opened~about an hr. away! But it is a beautiful drive, full of pastures with new green wheat poking through the ground. At one point I saw two geese very near the highway and I swear a 100 yds away a wild turkey was near the highway. I saw a coyote as I was headed there way out in a field. It was a very pleasant drive. I had a great Christian station I was singing to, it made a perfect day. Now I always find something there, but I left home with no expectations. It must have worked because I hit pay dirt today. I came home with my suburban backend full! The old cooler I pd. $3.00, the geraniums I got at hobby lobby on Sat, the cooler doesn't have a lid but I think I'll put flowers in it anyway. I love the cooler! The old black chair doesn't have a seat in it, but again I think I have some graniteware that will fit in the hole and I will put a plant in it, Oh I have some antique tools I could put in the tub! The three jars, I so didn't need, well I didn't need any of this But..... the jars were 1/2 price. I pd. $2.00 each and they are big jars with zinc lids, well I couldn't just leave them there. I have my new labels I bought from Yankee Lane that I can put on them. The scales I pd. $7.50. I could have sworn someone out there wanted to do some bartering for some scales. I have been wanting a noodle board so bad, but Sat. evening we went to Lowe's and we found precut boards glued together wide enough to cover my stove. Mike is going to work on it for me sometime soon. I have been saving pictures from all your kitchens to choose just the one I want him to make for me!! I am so thrilled. I have been wanting one of those forever!! Anyway, there I found another granite ware tray. And the memo board I think I will paint up and try to resale in my shop. The little rectangle screen I pd. $5.oo for and the big screen door I pd. $19.00 now I think that was to much, but I got it anyway. Remember I'm going to line some of the walls in my shop with screens. We're not telling Mike I pd. $19.oo for the screen, he would have thought that was ridiculous!~ Then I stopped by Wal-mart and bought the first two geraniums of the summer. I know they will get cheaper, pd. $5.50 for each. I will be potting about 15-20 pots up so I will wait for the smaller pots to come in before buying tons. But they will be a pretty start to my porch. Well as promised, here my mom is modeling her new toothbrush bracelet! yes, ladies I did say toothbrush bracelet. Now I may live under a rock but I for sure have never seen a toothbrush bracelet. Mom says a friend of her's made them for all the Thursday lunch ladies( they all meet for lunch out on Thurs.) It seems you heat up the toothbrush and bend it and let it cool and glue little jewels on the bracelet! Hum!!!! Oh, of course, first you take off the bristles! Of course! Well its getting late and I will need to be getting up early in the am. Lots of you have stopped in to get added to my giveaway, thanks so much for the sweet comments. Have a great Monday everyone!

Friday, March 20, 2009

100th Post Giveaway

Well It's my 100th post! Not long ago I didn't even know what a blog was let alone have one. I must say I have so enjoyed this. I have met so many wonderfully talented women from this. Your shared ideas and suggestions have inspired me to new things. It has opened up new treasures for the hunt I would have just past by had it not been for a new and different outlook on thing. I do look at things on a much creative level now~TS, Goodwill's~ their my first stop now! For my 100th Post Giveaway I have two stackable tins, a framed heart key, a framed sampler that says "May our home always be a place to refresh your spirit", a set of coasters, a material covered round box and a new Paula Deen cr'eme brulee candle with a matching hugger! I have so enjoyed stitching and crafting all of this for the winner. Thanks again to all of you ladies for stopping over at my blog and visiting with me and allowing me to do the same. To win just post a comment, I will announce the winner next Friday evening!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Paint Table and Chair~Check: Flooring ~Check

Ok Ladies, I'm going to have to go back to work just to rest up! I have worked my tail off this week. we finally have both rooms done, the new flooring is down in Taylor's room with new fresh paint on the walls. We will be looking for bedding and curtain. and now she wants a mirror and dressing table. We may run to Tulsa on Sat. and look for something! the dining room floor is laid, trim is back on, nail holes filled in and paint touched up. New weather stripping on the patio door today, the hubby is so good. The flooring looks different colors on the blog but its the same. I've moved all my decor back in the dining rm. My house is back in order. Ya!!!!! So today about 11:00 I decided to start painting my dining rm table and chairs! It had a little gloss on them so I had bought liquid deglosser from Lowe's. That was easy enough. On to the painting. Oh the time is took to paint the spindles. I said a hundred times, I should have sprayed it. Ugh!!!! I started out using a sponge brush. After two chairs and two hrs. I switched to a reg. paint brush. Oh much better. I finished up about 6:00. It took two coats and then I sanded it to age it and then sprayed a matte finisher on it to seal it a bit. I love how it turned out but I wouldn't do it again. It took forever. Mike kept coming through the back porch asking, what # chair is that? I was so sick of painting. It does look nice in my dining rm with the new darker floor and my pie safe has the same black finish on it. My mom came over while I was painting and said " your painting your furniture black? we don't have the same taste. She likes my taste but she said if she put my stuff in her house it wouldn't look as good. I'm glad that task is over, I had planned on doing the table and chairs this summer, now I'm done!!!!I do have some TS goodies to paint up, do I dare start that tomorrow? The weather here has been perfect. 75-80 today was a little cooler, but good painting weather. My spring break week is winding down. We want to take off on Sat. and go to some flea markets in Tulsa, maybe hit Target. Well tomorrow will be my 100th post. I have my giveaway goodies ready, I have a cool tooth brush bracelet to post about tomorrow, yes, I said tooth brush bracelet!! Oh , well in 15 min. it will be tomorrow! Off to bed I go!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Spring Break Makeover!

Oh, my aching feet! We have been working all day. It all started with me wanting to take up the carpeting in Taylor's room and laying laminate flooring. I wanted to paint her rm during spring break. She is outgrowing the little princess purple. So Mike suggested since we would be buying new anyway why not buy new for the dining rm and try to reuse the light colored dining rm in Taylor's rm and buy new red oak for the dining rm to match the new living rm. Sounded simple enough! We thought we could do it, we knew we had glued some of the flooring by the door. So we started taking up the light oak dining rm in pretty big sections, being careful. Got up the quiet walk padding you have to use under the flooring. It was a cheaper brand, the first we had ever put down yrs ago. The new is Pergo with a pad built on the back already, much easier to put down! Well her rm needed additional subflooring to match up to the hallway flooring. We started laying the old light dining in her rm and it just wasn't going back together right at all. So we opted to buy more Pergo red oak as we will be putting down in the dining rm! A little more additional cost but I want it to look good. And finally about 7:00 tonight we are finished. I want to paint in the morning before he puts the trim back up. What a way to spend our spring break. the weather has been beautiful today~almost 80! Tomorrow is expected to be in the upper 70's. we will tackle the dining rm in the morning. We will need to get back to Lowes to buy more flooring! I've been to Bartlesville now 3 x's this week. It's about a 45 min. drive. More pictures tomorrow!! I'm going to bed~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Outdoor Junk magazine!!

Wow ladies, Im going to get to muy100th post here shortly yet! I almost forgot to share that I recieved my Outdoor Edition Junk Beautiful. I ordered it on Amazon. Its the new one! I read it from front to back in one day!! Its so cool If you haven't ever see one of Ki's books you need to. She has the most creative ideas ever for anything junky!! she has a blog Check it Out!!!

Weathered Past

I was just over at reading Beths latest post on "chippy" things and it got me to telling her about my stop I made yesterday to my old neighborhood. So I thought I would include a post about it this evening!

My old neighborhood in which I lived for about 6-7 yrs. was flooded about two yrs ago. This neighborhood had always been in a flood plain, but it had never gotten that near to our old house. But two yrs ago it did and all the homes in the 2-3 block area were under water and had to be abandoned. People just had to get what they could and leave. They have set empty now for a couple yrs. I often drive down the street and could remember every rm in the house. The whole layout is still fresh in my head, and its been over 35-36 yrs ago since living there. I can remember the wall heater in the hallway that I would get cold in the night and go lay by. the kitchen table set by a bank of window just next to the kitchen. The washer and dryer were a stones throw next to the kitchen leading out the back door, where I would sit under the stairway often, kind of a hideaway! I can see the curtains and couch just as plain as day. we had an old black and white TV. an old wobbly coffee table. My folks had a chenille bedspread. My brothers rm had a huge bank of windows on two sides of his room. I always wanted that rm. and a tiny tiny bathroom at the end of the hall!

On Sat. Mom and I drove by and the backhoe guy was there. We explained that I had grown up there and wondered if we could go in and maybe take something from the old house? He said take anything, its coming down. We went in and oh my, now granted many occupants have lived in this old thing in the many yrs. It was bad, and oh so much smaller than I remember. The kitchen honestly only one person could be in there at one time. The living rm was so small. My old bedroom had probably only room for a single bed. And my brothers rm that had seemed so big at the time was so dinky now! Im not sure I liked going in there now. I kind of like remembering it the was it was to me back then. I can remember each families name that lived in each neighboring house.. the kids that we played with until dark. Until our mom called us in to take our baths. I remember Mr O'Brian who used a walker to get his mail everyday. He was always grumpy. Mr Murts, who would spend hrs out back picking up pecans from his tree. Mr and Mrs. Tetens, who lived in the one room trailer house on the corner. she always talked through her nose, and they smoked like a chimney, but she would invite us in and we would talk and talk. He was a quiet old hunched over man who never talk, just smoked!

Anyway, I retrieved Mr Murts old back screen door to his basement. Three screens from Mr and Mrs Tetens old garage and Mr O'Brians mailbox. I'm so proud to say I will cherish them and put them up in my craft shop. I want to line the walls with window and door screens. It was so surreal being in that house and in the neighborhood. I often don't think I remember much about my childhood until I go to places and then memories come flooding back. I think I'm going to stand the old mailbox up on its end and put a flower pot in it~Mr O'Brian would have liked that! I am so close to my 100th post. Be watching for my giveaway!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor!

My daughter is 14 yrs old today!! It's hard to believe that 14 yrs ago we were being blesseed with the greatest gift. We had tried for 11 yrs to get pregnant. But God had other plans for us all!!
We were on a path of many great blessings we didn't even know possible. She was given to us in love and in trust. I thank God and her birth family for letting us raise and love her. I believe she was meant to be with us, even before her birth. She is so much like me, sometimes its scary! She is the most perfect daughter and we are so so blessed to have her. Happy Birthday sis! We love you!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My daughter is "14"!

Well we are hosting a sleepover this weekend. Taylor turns 14 this Wed. Her cousin Brooke in the pink and a friend Katria spent the night. Yesterday we went to the mall and out to eat. They went bowling last night, went and picked up the boyfriend too. (Nice Boy) They came home and had an ice cream cake! Movies and Wii. They are in there being goofy~remember 14~
I hit a tag sale, yesterday. Picked up the wire dish drainer, I love those! the frame and a couple cutting boards I'm going to age. The other pics are of things on my window seal above my sink. Its been wonderful weather this week. Today will be in the 60's. Next week is spring break, the hubby is taking a vacation and we are laying new flooring in the dining rm and Taylor's bedroom. Ill post pics! Have a great week~