Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Neewollah Celebration

has come to an end. It was a lot of fun for alot of people. We had a great carnival. Taylor and her boyfriend enjoyed the rides downtown. It's right on the main street of town.
Some of my pics are in the wrong spots. This is Taylor in a police car. The cheer leaders were so cold the police man told them they could sit in the car before the parade began. She said they were arrested for being too pretty!!

The cheerleaders holding the Neewollah banner at the beginning of the Kiddie parade.

Taylor is the second one from the left in the hat.

The food stands are set up along the street of our downtown. Any kind of food you could want. The BBQ is my fav.

This is Taylor second flute from the left.

Our 68th Queen Neelah and 1st and 2nd runner ups.

This is the Doo Daah parade that is for adult entrys only. This is our dentist and her staff with thier EAT MORE KANDY signs!!

The Indep. Middle school marching in the kiddies parade. My niece is the flute with the orande bandana on her head.

Some cute kiddies on a float.

We were just playing around with my camera!!

Taylor is a freshman this yr.

Her and her car!!!!! Have a great evening!

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Terry said...

That looks like so much fun, and barbecue is my favorite too!
Taylor is a cutie!