Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bring on the rain

Well here is our new rain chain we have been pondering on. I didn't want a traditional downspout sticking out here on my porch and our gutter man suggested a rain chainI had never heard of one before. Mike got on the Internet and found a few copper ones for a pretty penny. So we thought we could come up with something fun.
The down spout drops into an old bucket with a whole cut out of the bottom, into a big funnel I found at a tag sale. Then it falls into an old cistern pipe.

From there the chain flows into one of my old chicken feeders I got this weekend. We have holes drilled into the feeder to allow the water to drain onto the brick pavers and onto my beddings. The water follows the chain during a rain shower. It is fun to watch it. And believe me we have had plenty of opportunity to watch the rain the past two days.

Theres a view of the covered deck to at the patio doors. I can now decorate more area without to worry of rain or weather on my treasures!

And connected to that is the pergola side. I wanted to have one side open where you could still look up into the trees. It is still shaded in the afternoon!

We can enjoy the humming birds here. It looks out of the kitchen window. The humming birds fly under the pergola now!!

Sorry same view!

Ok, these are the goodies Mike brought home from a tag sale up north of us. He had some business up north by Wichita and just stumbled by this sale where,"Grizzly Adams" was moving. He said the place was just a junk pile, you know, my kind of place!! He had these tubs filled with flowers. Mike dumped them out. The old boy wanted $10. each!

Then he found these jewels. Chicken feeders, a great old pulley I may use on my porch. A couple more galvanized tubs there. The big one was full of flowers. Theold guy drilled holes in it. I may just hang it from my someday shop. I'm nt sure what the fluted tin pans were for? Any guesses?

One of the washtubs had this old wringer attached to it. But I will probably hang it in my laundry room. I have been wanting one of those for awhile. An old watering can, pitch fork, some enamelware and the old guy said the tall can was an old milking can! A great haul Mike brought home! He made a pile and offered $50. Yea! I was just thrilled. I played all weekend in the yard with my goodies.

Mike also had his new (junk) antique toy to play with this weekend. He purchased this old 1938 Cadillac from California on EBay and it was finally delivered this weekend. So he started tearing out the old interior and banging around on it. He is going to lower it, and put some custom paint on it. Fun Fun!! Well I just got rid of the entire JV cheer leading squad. They were practicing a dance for half time in my living room!! Just dropped them off at practice. It was picture night too so they were in the bathrooms and bedrooms primping!! Ohhhhh. I need to go in and pick up the trashed living room and clean up the pop cans and subway wrappers!! Have a great week you all!


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

LOVE the rain chain!! You got some great bargains too! Can you believe it's Fall already???

Susie said...

What a great rain did a great job. I would never have imagined creating a chain out of these cool old items...This is my first visit to your blog..and I've enjoyed your pics and postings. CYA around!

Jessica @ Colorado Crafter said...

The rain chain is a great idea and the way you did yours is even better! Wish we could find some of those awesome goodies you and hubby are finding!

Hope your day is wonderful. :)

Terry said...

I love your rain chain Dawn! So original and just downright cool! Good job!
I absolutely love all the goodies your hubby found for you. He knows just what you like doesn't he?
Love his car too!
I would love to visit your shop when you open it.

mitchiesmom said...

The "rain chain" is awesome!!! I have to try it!!! And I am so jealous of your wash-tubs!!! I have been looking for one of those forever!! I am going to put my hubby on it.....I don't think he will hit the jackpot like yours - but I gotta get him to try!!! I love your blog, too. I so would love to visit your sometime shop when you open!!! Thanks for the blog!!

cwa said...

Your rain chain is fabulous. Your other goodies are wonderful too. I can hardly wait to see what you make with all those treasures. Blessings to you.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

What a beautiful place you have and I love the rain chain too! Neat car I bet your hubby is so happy with it!

Denise said...

I love your rain chain! What an awesome idea!


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

That rain chain is amazing!SO SWEET!! May I share a link to it in a future post??