Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trick or Treat

I've been working in my craft room at night, making a few things to take to school this week. Sometimes I make a few things up and take them into the workroom at school and the kind ladies I work with buy them up. This yr. I made some of the cute candy corn blocks. I tied them together in a bundle and added a prim tag. Then I had made myself some fall signs and had some scraps of wood left over and thought I'd make some small signs. I added some curly wire and scraps of material to some and I like how they turned out. I tried a few fall candle mats too!
More stenciling on fall signs. I also made some prim sunflowers I think I will take. I hit a few tag sales this morning. Last night I thought I'd just sleep in and once again I was wide awake at 6:30 so I got up and got the adds out and away I went. Lucky I did. The first few I didn't find much. I did find 4 small decoy ducks for my pool. A darling little metal lunch pail and a few old metal funnels. And then I thought I'd head home. I wasn't going to stop by the last one. I didn't figure from the add they wouldn't have anything I needed. Listed a lot of baby stuff. Well I drove by and there was the dresser I have been looking for for Taylor's room. Solid wood and priced at $12. I bought that puppy up fast and loaded it and off to the paint store I went. It was a nice light shade but I wanted to paint it white to match the rest of her furniture. Her old dresser had seen better days and one of the drawers was off the track. It was the dresser we used with her crib! So I primed and painted it today and got it loaded up with her under clothes while she is gone this evening. She left to attend a Kansas City Royals home game tonight with her boyfriend and his parents. She wont get back till late tonight. So I cleaned her room, changed her sheets, swept the floor and dumped out her trash. Something gross was growing in that trash can. It had attracted fruit flies, what ever it was. Oh! Why does she choose to live in such a messy room? I have placed clean folded clothes on her bed to be put away before she goes to bed and she will just sleep right on them! Sometimes you cannot see her floor because of all the clothes on it. I know its my fault, my mother tells me I let her get by with it all the time.

Here is a God jar I made a friend at work the other day. we where talking the other day and she said, hey when you are sitting at home with nothing to do and you are thinking, What could I make Vicki today, could you make me a God jar, to put all my prayers and worries I have over to God? Well sure, so that evening I whipped up this God Jar for her. Well it's late but I'm not going to bed until Taylor get home, so I guess I'll go read some post from you all today. Maybe I'll post some pics of the dresser tomorrow and some of my finds from tag sales today. Enjoy your Sunday tomorrow.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

100 mile Rummage Sale

Well I've been back to Hobby Lobby and bought more pumpkins. I love these. I played around a little yesterday in the kitchen with them. Made another display on my stove board. Won't be quiet so heavy for the daughter to lift off when she needs the stove. That has been the big complaint with her. It's to inconvenient when she wants to cook.
I moved the board that sat on the table over to my cabinet and swap things around. I gathered some acorns from the yard to put in the small wooden bowl for fall.

On Fri. Mike and I took off of work and headed on the 2nd annual 100 mile tag sale. we left the house at 5:30 so we could be in the next small town north of us. We traveled most of the day. I spent a total of $3. No not $3oo. or even $30, just $3. Not including breakfast and an occasional pop. Mike spent $15 I think. We were so disappointed. I don't know if it was because it was Fri. and many people were working or what. So I had planned not to go back out on Sat. Well I slept till about 7 and my SIL called and said oh I had missed a good one locally. My neighbor had called and said she had bought me a couple things at this sale too. So I scurried around and made my way over there and found a few things left. A couple bushel baskets and this great old metal laundry basket, and some sewing drawers. Well then I thought I might as well heard back to the town about 45 min. away. Taylor needed some black and orange ribbon for her hair for cheerleading on Mon. night. So off I went. I passed up a few and then I hit the mother load!! This family was selling off their dads stuff. Mom was there to price all the treasures but dad had loved auctions and never wanted to part with any of it. Oh the stuff I got!!!!!!

There where just outbuildings full of things. You could go pull stuff out and the lady would price it. there were some things I put back because she was to high for me. But I dug and dug! Watering cans and the big water jugs I found in an old shed. The wire rack she wanted a dime for. Old pulleys, I love the little old mailbox. And the red light works!

Here is a good shot of the laundry basket, it has holes in the sides of it with wooden handles. The utility table was holding a bunch of junk and I got it for $1. My neighbor bought me the kettle and oil can on top. Oh, and can you see the string of bells on the watering jug? They have the prettiest sound. the first time I heard them I thought of an old general store.

I found more bushel baskets. like three for .25!! And of course I love that galvanized!

This is the bargains I got on Fri. i love the grater. And this box of three compartments I have been looking for forever. I want to hang it and place three bowls in it. I found some prim material for $1

I have been doing a few repurposing a few weeks ago and just not posting them. These were a few things I have got at tag sales and redone. Love the little stool. Ill be saving them for my someday shop. There were many road side vendors out on the sale but many of them were dealers and so to high for my wallet. I loved what they had but I like to find it before they get to it! Well lst night I started working on a few more fall signs and I'm trying my had at the Pickled Peppers 2x4 wooden candy corn. Got a set painted black last night so I'm ready to paint in between laundry loads! Have a great Sunday!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bring on the rain

Well here is our new rain chain we have been pondering on. I didn't want a traditional downspout sticking out here on my porch and our gutter man suggested a rain chainI had never heard of one before. Mike got on the Internet and found a few copper ones for a pretty penny. So we thought we could come up with something fun.
The down spout drops into an old bucket with a whole cut out of the bottom, into a big funnel I found at a tag sale. Then it falls into an old cistern pipe.

From there the chain flows into one of my old chicken feeders I got this weekend. We have holes drilled into the feeder to allow the water to drain onto the brick pavers and onto my beddings. The water follows the chain during a rain shower. It is fun to watch it. And believe me we have had plenty of opportunity to watch the rain the past two days.

Theres a view of the covered deck to at the patio doors. I can now decorate more area without to worry of rain or weather on my treasures!

And connected to that is the pergola side. I wanted to have one side open where you could still look up into the trees. It is still shaded in the afternoon!

We can enjoy the humming birds here. It looks out of the kitchen window. The humming birds fly under the pergola now!!

Sorry same view!

Ok, these are the goodies Mike brought home from a tag sale up north of us. He had some business up north by Wichita and just stumbled by this sale where,"Grizzly Adams" was moving. He said the place was just a junk pile, you know, my kind of place!! He had these tubs filled with flowers. Mike dumped them out. The old boy wanted $10. each!

Then he found these jewels. Chicken feeders, a great old pulley I may use on my porch. A couple more galvanized tubs there. The big one was full of flowers. Theold guy drilled holes in it. I may just hang it from my someday shop. I'm nt sure what the fluted tin pans were for? Any guesses?

One of the washtubs had this old wringer attached to it. But I will probably hang it in my laundry room. I have been wanting one of those for awhile. An old watering can, pitch fork, some enamelware and the old guy said the tall can was an old milking can! A great haul Mike brought home! He made a pile and offered $50. Yea! I was just thrilled. I played all weekend in the yard with my goodies.

Mike also had his new (junk) antique toy to play with this weekend. He purchased this old 1938 Cadillac from California on EBay and it was finally delivered this weekend. So he started tearing out the old interior and banging around on it. He is going to lower it, and put some custom paint on it. Fun Fun!! Well I just got rid of the entire JV cheer leading squad. They were practicing a dance for half time in my living room!! Just dropped them off at practice. It was picture night too so they were in the bathrooms and bedrooms primping!! Ohhhhh. I need to go in and pick up the trashed living room and clean up the pop cans and subway wrappers!! Have a great week you all!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Autumn Harvest

Well, I'm slowly getting ready for fall. I started earlier that usual because the cool temps have put me in the mood for autumn. I love this display on my deck with my new roof and pergola. I have found I can put things on the porch now without them getting wet and weathered so I have new square footage to play with now! I found this display idea from the new fall Country Sampler. There is a display like this in it and I fell in love with it.
I took three bushel baskets and stuffed them with newspaper and stacked them. I placed some greenery in the bottom one and raffia in the middle one and pumpkins on top. I found these pumpkins at Hobby Lobby. They look so real!!

On the other side of the patio doors I have this display in the old black chippy chair.

I love my dried sunflowers. I keep them out all year and added Mr. Scarecrow!

Took down all my flags and put up some acorns and pumpkins. I made some stained pumpkins from the dollar store from Chars tutorial!

The mantle has the old antique scooter under it.

I put up my shelf I bought at a tag sale and repurposed. I found these scales the other day for $2.

In my entryway I have his table sitting and I replaced my galvanized bucket with another bushel basket full of pumpkins.

This is the dresser I found on the curb a few yrs back that I repainted and I placed a rusty basket full of greenery and pumpkins. I will try to post some pics of our new porch roof this long weekend. We are still working on our rain chain for the downspout! I think alot of you will love this idea!! Happy Fall Y'all!!