Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a junk weekend!

I had a pretty good tag sale weekend!! I found tons. This was a bargain for $10. I didn't need it, I have one almost like it in my yard. But when the old boy said he just have to have $10 for it, I couldn't leave it.It folds down into a bed!! I drug it home and a fellow junker stopped by to borrow a tool and she just had to have it for her new deck they are building. She can do something with these old cushions that are shot. She'll have it looking so cute. Junk Camp has one posted that looks just like it and I love her cushions she has used on it! She will have to let me come over and post some pictures of her finished deck. She has been collecting treasures for it for awhile.
These I also found at the same sale. The mans son had just moved into an old farm house that has a dairy barn. He had two sets of crates for sale. I paid, (get ready) $5 for two full crates with bottles!! I know! I took the two and he said oh I have more! So I asked for two more sets of them for my fellow junker that bought my glider! She loved them as I did. She thought of a great idea~can't you see flags filling each bottle or I thought of Gerber Daisy's. I just love them and I think two crates stacked on top of each other just makes them. I could even label the milk bottles!Also from this sale. I know!! I bought the old galvanized tub, it's got a hole in it but I put it up on the side of my someday shop. The circlely thing is an old light fixture that I am going to have Mike hook up out on my porch area of the pool. I have been wanting an old light fixture out there. I have a fixture with two spot lights now , but this old one will be perfect. It was laying under a bush as we were loading the pickup and I pulled it out and asked if it was for sale. He said, anythings for sale. Well that's just what I like to hear. Mike and I went on down to the barn and found a couple tubs and buckets with the old jars in them.

I also found this table top and a piece of a door. I took it and used it for a dough board on my new washer and dryer. You can see it further down on this post. It was the perfect size and patina already!!

This is a little drawer I found at a tag sale for .25, painted it up black. I'll probably save it for my shop.

I love this. I downloaded the pics backwards. This is my after. I love the color. I painted it black, then brick red and sanded the heck out of it and stained it with dark walnut and wiped it off. I have it sitting in my laundry room on my new dough board!

This is the before. I cut off the little legs a bit.

This is also out of order. This is the after of a bread box I bought at a thrift store this weekend for $2. The top rolls up. I'll put it in my someday shop. I do love it but I don't have much room left on my counter tops. I will just enjoy it for awhile. I again painted it, I actually spray painted it flat black, (so much faster) then spray painted it an almond color and stained it with the dark walnut and wiped it off.

The before, and a cute little candle holder thingy I sprayed flat black and scuffed up. I don't think I took a pic of this finished yet.

I know I took a lot of pics today! Here's more goodies I found. The grater was $1. I love the old refrigerator jars(.25) I have one already, they keep tea so cold. A wooden bowl I have painted up already and the black thing is a candle holder.

This is the old white mountain ice cream freezer I told you about the other day that my mom bought for $3. It was in pieces. I actually thought it would be harder to put back together. Some nice old soul had numbered the slates and it went right together. I wired it and glued the bottom.

This I pd $1 for, I might just leave it this color.

This is a cool little retro bread box. Paid $2 for it. I will just clean it up to resale.

We bought new washer and dryers the other day! I love them and I love my new space to decorate! I have the whole top of the appliances to use now. Mike thought I might want the drawers that go under them to make them taller. But I think I might either leave the dough boards on them or get some wooden crates to put between the cabinets and the appliances. I like the looks of all my treasures on top thought! The dough board on the left is the one I bought this weekend( the part of an old door)

A little closer view of the new boards. Oh, the one on the right, I made about a week ago. I cut the board myself with Mikes saw, I even used his nail gun for the first time. It was so easy! I stained it and whala!

I'll finish up this long post with a few new pics of Taylor's room. I have had these three framed cork boards painted for months. I just hadn't hung them yet. I had made a list of things I wanted to get done this summer and hanging these was the last thing I have to do!! I should have done it sooner. She now could hang up her Jonas Brothers posters that she bought. I had painted them the three different colors of her room. Olive green, rich brown and light blue to match her bed spread and curtains. She doesn't have a headboard so I thought these could kind of be used as a focal point. She likes it. That's all that matters! Well sorry I have rambled on in this post. I really got a lot done this weekend, have found places for most of my treasures I bought. It was a great junk weekend here!


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Great treasure finds! Love the boards on the washer and dryer too!

girliegirl said...

You found some really great junk! LOL! I love how your projects turned out. The top of your W & D is really nice.


Mad Red Hare said...

I am jealous. I never find junk like that and those bargain prices. Nice washer and dryer. I would love a new set. I really like the pair that is red. Some day.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

You hit it rich this weekend! When we moved into our house, there was an old couch/bed that worked like yours but we didn't have a place for it and the old farmer we're renting from tossed it into a hole and burned it! :( What is it with men??


Denise said...

WOW! You sure found some freat stuff.

I love the bottles and the ideas you have for them!


horse loving lineman's wife said...

Wow. What cool things you found!!!

Debbie @ said...

Major groaning (once again at your post) here in S. Calif...I want to go shopping with you! Big smile. I just groan to myself whenever I see that you have been shopping over the weekend....I've been shopping but it is for college text books for little poopsie. Not too much excitement looking at Chemistry 101! hahaha

Linda said...

I'm not sure I would've seen the glider the same way you did but I know I would love it fixed up! LOL
I do, however, see every bit of charm in the milk bottles and crates. I could definitely do something with those! And all the little cabinets with drawers. I am forever on the lookout for those things but have yet to come across any. Same goes for the wood bread box....*sigh*
Kudos on the new washer/dryer combo. They are most excellent and the doughboards are simply divine. Now I am on the lookout for doughbowls and boards.
Your daughter's room is so nice and tidy for a teen. I bet she loves it.

wrcdgc said...

I see a lot of new goodies. :0 I really love what you did with the cork boards great idea!


carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Wow, can you say "SCORE!?!" You hit the mother lode! I love all the things you fond, especially the board!

Your "Wash Room" looks great!

Have a great week!

Kat said...

Wow! You found a ton of great treasures! ANd I love your redo's!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

I've been catching up on your posts and have you ever found some great things lately! Lucky girl!!! Just love to see what you do with everything! Keep the pictures coming, Dawn

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Dawn, I live the green cushioned glider! Wow!

Thank you for commenting and for your prayers. ~Mindy