Saturday, July 18, 2009

Well, I'm trying my hand at stenciling? Almost a yr. ago I purchased some stencils off of eBay. I love the papyrus font. I ordered 4 inch upper case and didn't order the lower case at the same time. Stencils can be expensive!! Why? Anyway again ordered what I thought was going to be 4 inch lower case and of course that is not what I got. So I haven't opened them until this weekend. I got out in Mikes scrap pile of lumber and found me some 1x6 and painted them up black, stenciled some things with a country tan, sanded, and stained.
I made the chicken coop sign first and got it hung out there yesterday

Used my small lower case for a little something on the crate in the dining rm. I put the pantry one over the screen door leading into my laundry/pantry room, guess I forgot to take a picture of it. I'll try to get one tomorrow.

This is where the little black stool landed that I got at the tag sale. I had a few tins in my stash that I added. This all sits at my back screened in porch.

This is Scooter, my faithful puppy watching me work. She doesn't take kindly to her picture being taken. I would call her name and she would look at me like, Please do not take my picture!

I guess my pictures are out of order, but this is a little cute black mail box I picked up today for .25. It's just so small. I loved it. I walked around with it today and thought I'd put it here on my screened in porch next to the old metal chair. I need to put some geraniums in it I guess.

Speaking of geraniums. Again my pictures are out of order. But this is a little wooden folding chair, for some reason reminds my of the chairs I remember as a kid in our church basement? I love it. Found it for $1 today and it sits at the garage door with a basket. I also thought about painting the slats as a flag?

OH, so here is the picture that is out of order. Here are my goodies for today. The cute little wooden chair and on it sits two old flags for $2 each. You know it strikes my funny, how many old flags I see at tag sales. When they are old and worn it just the perfect age of a flag for me. I buy than up every time. Now not the nylon but I like the cotton one. I can find a place for every one I find out there. On the flags is the cute little black mail box I put on the back porch. And two wire baskets for $2 each. Now I really thought I had two old egg baskets but the old boy said they were baskets to pick up golf balls out at the country club? I thought they were neat. His wife said she used them by putting her onions and potatoes in them! I don't have a use for them yet as much of the stuff I buy! I keep it in my stash and then pull things out as needed. I'm not one to decorate by, OK here is an empty room go out and buy stuff to furnish it. I start by what ever I have and just add some thing here and there.

Oh, this was also a tag sale find today. I didn't take a picture of the cute little dresser but the first tag sale today said "42 yrs of accumulation" well now that is my kind of sale. She didn't have 42 yrs of stuff to me but I did see this three drawer dresser. A friend is looking for one for a porcelain sink. They wanted $25. OOH, to high. I left with the little wooden folding chair. So later on in the day I was heading over to my brothers to see how the neighbors deck,my brother and his neighbor are building and she still had that little dresser. She waved me over and said she had come down to $10 on the dresser. I said oh that was the offer I was going to make her. So I glace over and there is this cute drop leaf table with stuff piled high on it. I said oh is that for sale because it wasn't out when I was here before. Yes she had almost forgot to drag that out. What did she want for it? Make me an offer. $5? Sold!! Well I was in my little tracker, so I went on to my brothers and got his neighbor and we ran back to check out the dresser for her. Come to find out, her sink is the style that the dish drainer and sink are all one piece. So the dresser was way to small for her use. She did find some other things. Now I have no use or place for the dresser, but I couldn't leave it for $10. I can paint it up black, scuff it up and easily resale it! It now sits out in my someday shop waiting for a makeover. Along with this little drop leaf table, it's missing the other side, but if it were to be up against a wall it would work.

Last but not least, I found these on Friday at a tag sale. Bought all 7 for $10. Again I have no use for them as of yet. But when someone says, Hey I am looking for an old pop crate. I can say Oh I have one for you!!! Well its 12:23 am and I'm waiting for my daughter to come home any minute. She has been with her boyfriend and his family to a fair, parade and rodeo all day. He showed his sheep and goats. I hate when she is out late. I worry about deer on the road between here and there. Well I'll go ahead and "publish post" and read some of your blogs from today! Have a wonderful Sunday, we are suppose to have mild temps tomorrow!


Lisa said...

You have been finding some great goodies over the past couple days!! They are wonderful....

lisa said...

Oh such neat finds you have made..Can't wait to see the finished products..Lisa

Carmen C. said...

I love your signs! I am new to stenciling too and am finding it very enjoyable:) Your little Scooter is precious!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Lots of goodies! And your signs are great!

I hope your daughter amde it home safely.

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Great finds. I have been searching Southern Ontario for pop crates all month and the cheapest I found was $23 Cdn. Lucky lucky you.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Wonderful finds and such great prices on them too:) Love the flags and that folding chair is adorable.

Folk Art From The Harbor said...

Your signs look GREAT! Stencils don't have to be expensive check out my prices some time. Hugs BeCca

cwa said...

Your signs look great. I especially like how you hung the one over the chicken coop. That whole display is just really cute. You do such a nice job displaying all your found treasures. After I buy things, I just never know what to do with them. Thank goodness for the internet. I am slowly learning from all you creative folks.