Sunday, July 26, 2009

A cold coke anyone

Well here was my big purchase for the weekend! Hit a tag sale and they had this old coke machine. I'm thinking they might want $50 maybe,....$10!!!!! I thought Oh, what could I do with this? Where could I put it? The guy said, it's pretty rough, you could probably look on the Internet and find parts to restore it. Na, I'll just put it under some trees and plant something in it. I left it and got home and got to thinking, I called Mike and asked him to go over and look at it if they still had it and see if we could get it on the trailer. He called and asked if I wanted it for $5! Well Yea! So he came home we loaded up the trailer and went to get it. I put it out under some trees between our property and the neighbors. Sandford and Son here I go!

I stenciled up a couple more signs. I found two of these raised panel boards and painted this one for my dining room over a window.
A few small ones.

I love my keeping room and washouse. I've only used black with country tan, but I like it so well.

And I went up to my craft room and drew out a couple pillow tops I can work on in the evenings. My summer is quickly winding down, it seems after the 4th of July it goes fast. Taylor will be having band camp for a week in a couple of weeks, I have some inservice to attend for school and before you know it I'll be back to work. I have really enjoyed my time off tho. I have stayed busy almost everyday. We will need to make a trip to the mall maybe this week to pick up a book bag for Taylor. Well I had better go for now, enjoy your weekend!


Denise said...

Love the old coke machine! It will look great palnted with flowers! Can't wait to see some pics.


pammyjo said...

Love the old coke machine. We had an old coke icebox that our son in law turned into a cooler for there patio. It's really neat.
I'm looking for a sign for my new deck/patio. I would like it to be may 3 ft. long, and say The Gathering Place. I feel like I've seen that saying before, but can't find one anywhere around here. I'll probably have to paint it. But I like the look of stenciling. Enjoyed visiting, I'm going to put you on my favorites. :)

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I cant believe you got that for just $5 what a deal!! Love your signs too, they look great!

Tolentreasures said...

The Coke cooler, what a great find! Love your stenciled items.


Linda said...

that is so cool......i actually remember getting icy cold coke out of these kind of coolers. and for a nickel!

The Lords Servant said...

The coke machine!! WOW!!

Do you trace in pencil? I love your stuff!!

the primitive country bug said...

Love that Coke cooler! I like the idea of planting flowers in it.
Your signs are all wonderful too! Where did you find your letter stencils, if you don't mind my asking?
Thanks~ Birgit

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Get OUT! $5. Seriously. Crazy! ~Mindy

Margo said...

That coke machine may be worth hundreds. You might want to check it out.
Great find.