Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Goodies

This is a child's chalkboard I bought at a tag sale for $3. I brought it home and primed it up and repainted it with chalkboard paint. I thought I could put it out front when I get my little shop open!
The tall white lattice came from my parents neighbors house. They are putting on a new porch and these are the lattice trim under the porch. They had these beauties in the trash pile. I said oh I have to have those. Can you believe they were more that glad to help me load them!! The little green shutter I pd. $2 for this morning at a tag sale.

These stacking boxes I bought at Hobby Lobby on sale a while back and painted them up and added a few old labels I have. I was going to do a This And That, but I like this so well!

These are my buy of the day!!! My old shutters for $10. for 5!! I'm really proud of those. I put those in the suburban and thought Oh, who could I call and share my great finds with! Today this lady stopped by my moms rummage sale who must have the same taste as I do in old things. Every time I see her at a sale before me I think Oh she probably got all the good stuff. Today I told her that and she said Oh I think that about you too!! We laughed. I thought she might be a shop owner somewhere in another town, she isn't. She just likes old things too. She asked where I lived and I told her and she said oh I have drove by that house and wondered if you didn't live there. I asked where she lived and she told me and I said Oh I love that old place and always wondered who lived there!! I think I made a new friend today. She said well Ill see you around at the next tag sale just hope I get there before you!!!!We had a great laugh. Well mom made almost $900 today. I know, just with her clothes and junk. You think why don't we just throw that away now instead of later and here comes someone to buy it. She had nothing we would like, just cutesy stuff and tons of clothes, but hopefully we won't have much left. It can go to the curb, we gave almost all of our free stuff away today. Had a bunch of pots and pans and mismatched lids and bowls and odds and ends. My mom did more PR (public relations) than work today. Every time dad would come out of the house, we would send him to help someone to their car with their bags. He suddenly had somewhere to go! Well I need to be over there at 6:15 so I better get to bed! Have a great tag sale day!


Lisa said...

Love those shutters... I just recently saw a family member of mine make a potting bench for her back patio all out of used shutters and a few extra pieces of wood. It was such a cute idea!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

~ Lisa

Holly Hills Primitives said...

What great finds! Good for you. So, are you going to open a shop? Just know it would be adorable if you do! Have a great Sunday, Dawn

Debbie @ said...

It is Sunday and your not supposed to display any signs of envy on church day....but...I'm a bit envious of your shutters! I love shutters and rarely find them on sale out here in Calif. Boy you got some wonderful fun!!!! Have fun with your stash. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

Just*Simply*Prim said...

I Love your stuff you have posted on your blog thanx for stopping by my blog so i could find your wonderful blog! Have a great week!--Dawn

the primitive country bug said...

Those are some great finds! How exciting that you're going to be opening a shop!!! Wish I lived closer so I could come shopping. :)
So glad to hear that your mom had such success with her tag sale. WOW!
Have a great week~ Birgit

Nan said...

I really love the boxes! Great primitive feel! And a handy way to store some smaller items.

Have a great day!


This Country Girl said...


You did really well....great finds and great prices....the shutters alone were worth it! Love your chalkboard sign! And I didn't realize you were opening a shop! I wanna come! :)

So is a tag sale the same thing as a yard sale?

Have a great day, Dawn!

Dawn said...

Tammy, at my back door I call them tag sales,~rummage;yard;garage~ I am going to open a shop eventually. I have the space in the potting shed behind my house. I have the old screens, windows and barnwood to add to the inside walls. I have some things ready to go inside the shop. But the hubby hasn't found time to add some plug ins, so air and some shelving. I just want someplace to put my wares I've madeover. Throw a sign in the yard that says open whenever I want to be open. We'll see, I hoped to have it open at my next big tag sale but that won't happen this yr. I hope to have my own tag sale in 2 wks! Thanks for stopping by.

Crystal said...

Love the stacking boxes!

disa said...