Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Red, White and Blue

I thought I'd take picture of my pool. I think I got my boat added late in the summer and not sure if I have posted it before. I looked and looked for a boat last summer to add to my fishing shack theme and I found one right under my nose. Mike and I rode around on Sunday evenings driving through alleys and rough neighborhoods looking in peoples back yards for an old boat they might want to get ride of for my yard. we came up with nothing and my sister in laws mom and dad had one they were using as a wind break in a car port area! It was just perfect. We secured it with old pulleys and added nets, oars, baskets and a life jacket. Maybe I'll go out and take some pics and have a whole post on my pool. I love to go out there and read in the evenings. I was mulching tonight and it was so sultry, when I was done I sat in the swing to cool down and I thought what am I doing here? I'm going for a swim clothes and all! The current of the water is set so high that it's like a lazy river and you can lift your legs and just be taken around and around the whole pool! We have a couple of bats in the treetops around the pool area and they dart around your head at times, recently I have heard the owl that lives in the big sycamore tree!
I went junkin alittle today found a few things. Got the stool for $7.50 I may paint it black. The old washboard and galvanized bucket I only paid $1 each for but they are pretty rough, but good enough for my purposes. The material I got at Hobby Lobby and I want to make some pillows for my back porch. The material in laying in a big wire basket $6.50. It's pretty good size. The bread box was only $1 and the enamelware was $3, can't pass that stuff up!! There is a little step stool under the flat enamel ware I got for $3, I have several, they are cute tucked here and there. And the old bucket has some geraniums from HL. My sister in law was admiring my geraniums in a claypot on my front porch so I made her up a couple of pots for her porch. I ran over tonight and placed them on her porch and just left. She called later and said she went out to get the paper and found them! I think she loved them.

I coffee stained some flags from walmart the other day. Took them from the stick and painted the sticks black, hot glued them back on. I placed a few in the old cabinet on my back screened in porch and a few in the meat grinder hanging from the table top. I made the wreath down on the floor with an old flag and a rusty star but haven't found a place for it yet. I tried it on my front porch but didn't like it.

I put a couple in a watering can next to my wonderful old TG&Y basket( I bought for my husband) I love the red white and blue together! Next time I get to Walmart I will buy some more flags. I placed a couple on my mantle of the fireplace too!

Well I had a pretty good day, this evening it was so hot and I decided to put some mulch down in those darn flower beds. Sometimes I think why did I ever make those beds so large. They are so hard to care for. I hadn't added new mulch for several yrs. I had bought some several weeks ago and it has been stacked out by the garage. the other night they had it on sale at Orshlands and I got more. I was out there buying more dowel rods for more firecracker. I have so enjoyed making those. I'll have to post some of those. I tied some up in bundles and I love them!! Anyway, I mulched all my beds tonight and just yesterday had my neck and back popped back into place. I feel so much better! Have a great Thursday ladies!


Raggedy Angel said...

I am overdue for a good neck and back popin' too!
I love your pool area, we won't get ours up this year (from the move) and I miss it. I would be in the yard ..get all hot...then Jump In and back to work!
Love all your goodies as always!

Just*Simply*Prim said...

Love your Americana displays!--Dawn

Debbie @ said...

HI Dawn. I love what you did to the flags. What a great and simple turned out great. Don't you love red geraniums. They are my red pick too...I love bright red flowers. They are so cheery. I loved your pictures. You have inspired me to find a hutch or hoosier to go on my porch. We have a vintage stove and why not. It would be great to store things in.
I love your blog!

This Country Girl said...

How sweet of you to take the geraniums over and leave on the porch!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Americana stuff over here! I think you're about to convince me to go on ahead and stain my flags! I sure how yours look!

You find the best goodies too and at great prices! I love everything!

Thank God for pools! :)

Have a great day, Dawn!

Wendy said...

It looks so summery with all your red, white, and blue!! That pool looks very inviting too!:0) Have a great weekend!~Wendy

Kath said...

Hi Dawn,
Love your red, white and touches...and I LOVE LOVE your bathroom, I was nosing around in the post below! Love the black, it looks great! :)

Have a wonderful weekend.


the primitive country bug said...

Your pool looks so fun. I just love the landscaping around it and the boat is the perfect addition to it!
I also like the cabinet on your porch. What a great piece and you've decorated it perfectly.
Have a great weekend! Birgit

cynthialeedesigns said...

Love your pool area and all the flags that you stained!! Everything looks great!!

Barb J. said...


You may have been asked this before, but I couldn't find the answer. How do you make your wonderful vintage labels? Do you have a template?

Barb J.