Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home safe and sound...

The world travelers made it home safe and sound. Thier flight was delayed by bad weather and they got home alittle after 1:00am. We stayed up till almost 3, talking and looking at her pictures. She slept till 5:30 the next day!! Mike slept till 10 am. and my hubby is an early riser. They had a great time, seeing too much in such a short time was the only complaint. They both would go back in a minute they say! Here they are in front of the White House. There were protesters near here that had some very graphic posters about treatment of prisoners. That really bothered Taylor and has stuck with her. She did spot Mr. President once!!
I thought this was cute! Here she is holding the Washington Monument!! It was cool and rainy most of the days. Mike did alright on his leg. I'm back to laundry everyday, back to having to fix supper everyday, and I'm just again now able to get my time on the computer!! THEIR BACK!!

I hit pay dirt again this past weekend on old treasures!! Not much at the tag sales, but I needed to go to Hobby Lobby in Bartlesville and on the way they were having a prairie days tracker pull and flea market. I thought everything was so high. enamelware tubs were 10-15 $. Many treasures I have picked up for a little of nothing they wanted and arm and a leg for. These two beauties, the guy wanted $20.00 each!! Now I thought there is no way I would pay that. I had picked up two horse brushes (you can see in the washroom bucket) for $2.00 each right before spotting these. I picked up the soap trays and looked at them. He said oh you could take those to canton tx. and get twice for that. I said well, I wouldn't be reselling them, they would just go into my bathroom at home. I started to put then down and he said, well I could make you a deal on both. I thought well probably not the kind of deal I'm thinking. He said how about 20.oo for both? Hum! I said how about 20.00 for the two trays and the the two brushed? He took it! Yea, I brought them home!!

This old basket I bought on my way out of town at a tag sale for 5.00 and then I stopped by a flea market that is going out of business. 50% off everything but I still would not pay that price for most of thier stuff. But I spotted this old TG&Y basket! My husband was a TG&Y assistant manager while we were dating. He started as a stock boy and made his way up into management right before we married, so I knew he would love this!! I thought we could put paper plates in it on the 4th of July!

Here's a pic of the two horse brushes I bought. I like them in the old bucket!! Well the hubby is home tomorrow. I'm hoping to get him to replumb the gas grill from a tank to the gas line we already have near the grill. He bought a converter kit a few wks. ago and I just ran out of gas in the tank the other night. I grill quite a bit. Friday we leave for Afton Ok. to a yrly. family getaway to my uncles house he has on the lake. We all bring foods and enjoy boating, wave runners and swimming. It was suppose to be camping, when we started this, but my mom , myself and my brothers family believe roughing it is a motel 6 with black and white tv!! So we always make motel reservations in town and about bedtime head for the nice clean shower and clean sheets with that nice air conditioning. We will head home on Sunday afternoon. Well had better get to bed, Taylor has started cheer leading practice and conditioning at 6:00 am and I have to get her there. Have a great Wednesday!!


LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi, I love your old bucket. Sorry that Taylor found a lot of rain in her trip to DC, it is a beautiful city... great museums and awesome buildings.

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Its good to hear they had a great time in DC. I've never been there.

Congratulations on your sale finds. I hate when we go to them and people are asking such high prices for things. I like the idea about using the basket for paper plates.

Take Care and have fun 'camping',

At Home With Amy said...

My daughter was just in D.C. a couple of weeks ago with her Honors Builders Club from school. She took some beautiful pictures of the White House. Unlike Taylors trip, they had beautiful weather.
You got yourself some good finds there girl. I love the bucket with the brushes and I wouldn't mind having that basket for myself.
Enjoy having your family back home.

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Dawn! So good they are home safe and sound even if they were a little wet.

That basket looks just like my Lonagaberger laundry basket but it looks like someone painted it. Mine isn't painted but worn about just as much from the wear and tear. I used to sell them so they jump out at me all the time in blogland. They sold for about $100 new so I am sure you got a great deal. ENJOY!!

hugs, Linda

This Country Girl said...


Glad Taylor and your hubby are back home safe and sound! I loved the pictures especially the Washington Monument pic! We would love to take a trip there and to Williamsburg, VA while we were at it! :)

Love everything you got and how you displayed the brushes in the bucket too! So cute!

Well have a great day and a fun time on that great sounding vacation!