Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Great Family Retreat...

Well we had a great weekend on the lake at my Uncle Elton's home. The weather was perfect in the high 80's, sunny and a cool breeze! The food was good and so plentiful! Here is my cousin Tammy's new boat being brought into the dock.
Tammy is actually letting cousin Mike at the helm!! I bet he had a key made for it before he left. No, actually I bet he has one for himself before next reunion!

The weather was just beautiful and we all got a little sun on us! Here's cousin Tony from Texas and my niece Chelsea and boyfriend Austin( remember the prom pics) and my mom enjoying a spin around Grand Lake!

Some more cousins sitting on the dock catching up.

My sister in law with her daughter Brooke and my daughter Taylor catching some rays this morning before loading up to come home. Many of my aunts and uncles bring their dogs. They are always fun to watch get reacquainted! Only one fight broke out amongst the canines! Tammy had a new puppy who was fun, Bella kept finding sticks and running around thinking she had stolen them from everyone! We had homemade biscuits and gravy, sausage, eggs, sandwich stuff, BBQ chicken and every salad you could think of. Snicker cake, Paula Deen''s Orange brownies, homemade molasses cookies( to die for, we kept hiding then so everyone wouldn't eat them!) homemade sweet breads, brownies, and wine coolers!!!! When my moms family cooks, after a meal it looks like another family could some in to eat again! We always overcook for a gathering. My mom is the youngest of 16 kids. 13 survived adulthood and so many are gone now but we have such a large number of cousins and in laws that it's always a crowd! We had a fun fun weekend and we came home just dog tired, but anxious to do it all over again next yr. Got my laundry started and the suitcases put away for awhile. Mike and I hit the pool after we got home and then went for a motorcycle ride tonight. We have the prettiest wheat and corn fields around here. It was just picture perfect. I'll have to take a picture one of these evenings from the bike! Well it will be so good to sleep in my own bed tonight. Last night Chelsea's boyfriend Austin decided he would stay at the lake with us overnight, so we split our motel rms into girls and boys. Us girls rms were a little crowded and we didn't get to good a night sleep so tonight I will sleep!!!! Have a great Mon. Mom and I are still working on her tag sale for Fri and Sat. oh she has so much stuff. We have only tackled the attic and the garage is already full.!!!!


Goat Creek Grandma said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend spent with family. The food sounded good too! I always wished our family would get together like that.

Good luck with your tag sale!


This Country Girl said...

Now that looks like fun, Dawn! I'm looking forward to a weekend at the lake soon with friends! Everybody looked like they were having a good time on your trip!

Have a great week!

Kindra said...

Hanging out by the water is always fun! Thanks for sharing such fun pictures!